Zainab Bahrani, cultural advisor to Iraq's provisional government, resigns after three months

In an article Bahrani wrote for the Guardian, she stated “[We have seen the] active destruction of the archaeological and historical record of the land”


Iraq's Ministry of Culture takes reins from Coalition Provisional Authority as Zainab Bahrani is elected as senior consultant

The US-Iraqi academic has turned her attention to addressing the unauthorised excavation of archaeological sites


Under Article 7 of United Nations Resolution 1483, UK citizens who refuse to consign Iraqi artefacts are partaking in criminal activity

If an item is not immediately handed over to a “constable”, its owner could be receiving a prison sentence, even if he has legal title to the object


Sudden and draconian consequences of the Iraq war imposed by the United Nations to ensure objects illegally removed during the war are returned

If a person in the UK who has a cultural item of Iraqi origin in his possession does not immediately hand that item over to a “constable”, he may now be guilty of a criminal offence and liable to imprisonment, even if he has legal title to the object

Iraq's legacy of neglect and conflict: Interview with the Coalition Provisional Authority's senior adviser for culture, John Russell

The ambassador assesses the situation on the ground and recommends that swift action must be taken if cultural landmarks are to remain

Exhibition of Nimrud gold directed by the Copenhagen's United Exhibits Group coming to Europe in 2005

The venture is backed by the Iraqi authorities, who have a stake in the newfound Iraq Project Company

Getty Trust and World Monuments Fund team up for Iraq conservation

The organisations will survey the condition of the country’s historic sites and then raise money for their restoration


Iran offers to help Iraq protect its heritage

By expressing their wish to join an international cultural task force, Iran acknowledges the mutual cultural history that ties the two countries

Mesopotamian art from University of Pennsylvania continues US tour

Highlights from the university's museum on show in 'Treasures from the royal tombs of Ur'


Military personnel unearth secret hoard of Jewish manuscripts belonging to Saddam Hussein in search for weapons of mass destruction

Found in the headquarters of Saddam’s secret police force in Baghdad, the cache has been transferred to Washington for conservation

British Museum buys Iraq “most wanted” cards

The cards were issued to US troops in Iraq to help them identify the enemy


Dutch overseeing southern Iraqi province of al-Muthanna help Bedouin family guard the Sumerian site

The Americans did not list protection of Uruk as necessary when they handed over administration to the Netherlands


The Coalition Provisional Authority is considering a proposal to send Iraq's Nimrud gold on a global tour

The exhibition could raise money to repair the ransacked National Museum of Iraq


Details of National Museum of Iraq looting emerge

While the Warka Vase has been accounted for, reports suggest that the cylinder seal collection has vanished

Philippe de Montebello on the sack of the Iraq Museum: “Is it sensible for all the eggs to be in one basket?”

The Art Newspaper speaks to the director of the Metropolitan about the historical significance of the Iraq Museum's plunder and how disasters of its kind can be dealt with


International outrage as Iraq's National Museum is sacked by civilians

American army says it was aware of the risks, but did not protect the building as Iraqi nationals overwhelmed staff who attempted to defend the collection

Images of the Iraq war

Brutality and the bad, bad taste of evil

Artists lead anti-war protests as the US prepares to invade Iraq

Polls show the public could not care less what the art world thinks


American war in Iraq: What a tragic farce

Iraq war poses significant risk to cultural treasures in the region


Iraqi government's dam across Tigris will bring to an end the ancient city of Assur

The ancient Assyrian empire, along with over a hundred other heritage sites, will face detrimental flooding


National Museum of Iraq recovers 5,000 Sumerian artefacts

Archaeologists descended upon three sites in Southern Iraq rumoured to contain antiquities


Assyrian stone relief slabs from Sennacherib's Palace in Iraq may have been smuggled from the country and sold on

Professor John Malcolm Russell's personal connection to the objects left him well placed to recognise them in images from sales


Iraq's cultural heritage continues to be depleted as museums and archaeological sites plagued by smugglers

In a lecture given at London's Institute of Archaeology, Dr Lamia al Galiani-Werr drove home the urgency of the issue


Non-compliance with Security Council’s resolutions holds up UNESCO mission to reunite Iraq with treasures lost in Gulf War

More than 4,000 museum items missing according to Director General of the Iraqi Antiquities Department


How the proximity of US servicemen to Iraq's city of Ur has caused alarm among archaeologists

As US troopers praise the Lord, reports of damage in Iraq remain unconfirmed