The Iraq war in watercolour: Interview with Steve Mumford

The artist has visited Iraq five times, and has no qualms about placing himself in the line of fire to document the conflict


International backing secured for the recuperation of Babylon after disturbances by US military bases

The World Monuments Fund will educate Iraqi experts tasked with keeping the ruins in good condition


Samarra mosque at risk from new police barracks

There are fears that the new station will be a target for insurgents; Unesco powerless to protect the World Heritage site

UCL damned over handling of looted Aramaic antiquities

A report which concluded that ancient bowls on loan from a Norwegian collector “must have been illegally excavated in Iraq” has not been made public


Norwegian collector to sue British university for return of his antiquities

But scholars say they are likely to have been looted from Iraq


US army collection: Looking at the art of the Iraq war

A collection of paintings is stored in a basement in Washington, DC. The artists are serving—or have served—in the US Army


Statue of King Entemena looted from Baghdad's National Museum recovered in New York

Following its disappearance in 2003 and an international sting, the Sumerian statue was retrieved


Minaret of Ana likely the "obelisk" said to have been lost in Iraq bombings

Professor Alistair Northedge asserts that the minaret is the only structure that fits a description provided by US marines


Iraq was turned into the world centre for the destruction and looting of some of humanity’s most ancient symbols of civilisation

And so it came to pass that not a single world renowned site or treasured museum was protected


Iran takes first step in reconstruction of Samarra mosque, a casualty of sectarian reprisals in Iraq

The shrine's restoration, which will be paid for by private sector investment, has been the subject of a deal brokered between ICHTO and the Iraqi Ministry of Culture


Invasive US security measures place Samarra’s heritage at risk

A giant embankment built around the city has reduced attacks on US troops, but may have compromised important sites

Studying unprovenanced antiquities: The question of Schøyen's incantation bowls

University College London has set up an inquiry to examine the origin of “looted” bowls on loan from a Norwegian collector

Samarra mosque's spiral minaret targeted by bombers

Insurgents allegedly staged the attack to prevent US troops using the tower as a vantage point

US snipers co-opt Samarra mosque’s spiral minaret

The US military says “military necessity” takes precedence over the safeguarding of this Islamic landmark


The destruction of culture in Iraq has been enormous; now conservation must be a priority

We can help by providing training in site management techniques, in museology and in conservation

US base has caused "shocking" damage to Babylon

The American contractor that built the infrastructure for a base adjacent to the ancient site is responsible for much of the destruction, says an independent report


Zainab Bahrani, cultural advisor to Iraq's provisional government, resigns after three months

In an article Bahrani wrote for the Guardian, she stated “[We have seen the] active destruction of the archaeological and historical record of the land”


Iraq's Ministry of Culture takes reins from Coalition Provisional Authority as Zainab Bahrani is elected as senior consultant

The US-Iraqi academic has turned her attention to addressing the unauthorised excavation of archaeological sites


Under Article 7 of United Nations Resolution 1483, UK citizens who refuse to consign Iraqi artefacts are partaking in criminal activity

If an item is not immediately handed over to a “constable”, its owner could be receiving a prison sentence, even if he has legal title to the object


Sudden and draconian consequences of the Iraq war imposed by the United Nations to ensure objects illegally removed during the war are returned

If a person in the UK who has a cultural item of Iraqi origin in his possession does not immediately hand that item over to a “constable”, he may now be guilty of a criminal offence and liable to imprisonment, even if he has legal title to the object

Iraq's legacy of neglect and conflict: Interview with the Coalition Provisional Authority's senior adviser for culture, John Russell

The ambassador assesses the situation on the ground and recommends that swift action must be taken if cultural landmarks are to remain

Exhibition of Nimrud gold directed by the Copenhagen's United Exhibits Group coming to Europe in 2005

The venture is backed by the Iraqi authorities, who have a stake in the newfound Iraq Project Company

Getty Trust and World Monuments Fund team up for Iraq conservation

The organisations will survey the condition of the country’s historic sites and then raise money for their restoration


Iran offers to help Iraq protect its heritage

By expressing their wish to join an international cultural task force, Iran acknowledges the mutual cultural history that ties the two countries