Ivory ban


UK government to extend ivory ban to include hippos, sperm whales, narwhals, orcas and walruses

Ministers hope to close loopholes that see aquatic mammals vulnerable to poaching, but dealers in antique scrimshaw works of art say it will destroy their business

Miami art dealer sentenced to more than four years in prison for smuggling ivory sculptures

Eduardo Ulises Martinez was convicted of illegally transporting ivory and obstruction of justice

Antiquities dealers appeal restrictive New York ban on ivory

The appeal primarily challenges restrictions around the display of commercial ivory objects in the state

European Commission clamps down further on ivory trade

Restrictions upgraded as part of new EU Directive against environmental crime and, although targeted at raw ivory, will “suspend issuing certificates for worked specimens acquired after 1947 except for pre-1975 musical instruments"

Art marketcomment

EU proposes tough new laws on antique ivory trade—despite lack of evidence it leads to modern-day poaching

Proposal appears to contradict European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen's assertion that any new restrictions must be proportional and "evidence based"

Judicial review of UK Ivory Act rejected

After months of fundraising to bring legal action, judge dismisses antiques trade's objections to upcoming ban

Passions run high as UK's controversial Ivory Act challenged in court

Antiques trade fought for judicial review of proposed ban, due to come into force in the coming months, but draft judgement will not be made until 31 October


After UK's ivory ban, European Commission also considering tighter regulation

Consultation has started with a 62-page report commissioned from wildlife monitoring network


UK approves ivory ban

An extension to include hippopotamus, walrus and narwhal ivory will be discussed next year


$1.3m worth of ivory seized in California—the largest haul since a ban was adopted in the state

The Carlton Gallery of San Diego and a nearby warehouse had hundreds of pieces


The UK’s imminent law against the trade in ivory is a serious threat to liberties, says former Lord Chief Justice

Civilians will be allowed to enter your house, break open containers and use “reasonable force”


Traffic believes the US and UK ivory sale bans are ‘vital elements in the international response’ to poaching

The official spokesman of the wild-trade monitoring organisation responds to The Art Newspaper's article on the trade in elephant ivory—and we respond to him


The UK’s ban on ivory sales will not protect the elephants

A spokesman for Traffic, the leading researchers of trade in endangered species, says it is the Asian market that drives the poaching, not the Western market