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‘Slap in the face’: Poland passes law effectively blocking Holocaust-era art restitutions

Lawyers and collectors weigh in on new rule that sets a 30-year limit on claims to property that was stolen by Nazis and Communist leaders

Who owned these Jewish-owned treasures? V&A seeks clues from public

New exhibition highlights works from the museum's Gilbert Collection that have unclear provenance during the Nazi era

Hidden daily lives of Hasidic Jews in Jerusalem are captured in marvellous book of photographs

Photographer was given privileged access to document scenes and to make portraits among the people of this conservative group

Catalogue of Colmar Treasure conjures up picture of 14th-century bourgeois Jewish life in France

Hoard of objects loaned by Paris's Musée de Cluny to the Metropolitan Museum of Art tells a complex tale

Ashmolean to return silver salt cellar to Jewish collector’s heirs

The UK Spoliation Advisory Panel concluded that the piece was the subject of a forced sale in the 1930s

Israel steps up hunt for Nazi-looted art

Museums under pressure to research collections for Holocaust victims’ assets


From shtetl to spectacle at the Russian Jewish Museum and Centre of Tolerance

Constructivist-style bus garage transformed into high-tech Jewish museum in Moscow


Speech by Nir Barkat: Anselm Kiefer on Jerusalem and the Kabbalah

“What has been divided can be brought back together again—not in the form of a reunification, but in a way that we cannot yet define”

Munich pushes provenance research concerning possible Nazi looting

The project, led by Dr Vanessa-Maria Voigt and Dr Horst Kessler, came about by a chance find in a desk...

Minneapolis hands Léger to collector’s family

The painting was stolen from its Jewish owner during the Nazi occupation of France

Leopold Museum in Vienna accused over Nazi-looted art

Institution says restitution laws don’t apply as it is a private gallery

Auschwitz survivor wants her art back from concentration camp

Roma portraits were made by Jewish prisoner on the orders of Dr Josef Mengele

Nazi lootarchive

$6.5 million settlement to heir for stolen Picasso

Chicago collector agrees to pay claimant to gain title to the work

July 2004archive

A portrait, person by person, item by item, of a society wiped out

This important book gives a full documentation for the Jewish art collectors of Vienna whose goods and lives were targeted by the Nazis

April 2004archive

Some progress has been made in restitution of Klimt paintings, but much more needs to be done

Although successful restitutions have been achieved through focused research in individual museums, numerous cases in federal and provincial museums still need to be solved

Austrian court orders seizure of Nazi-looted Schiele

Heirs will have to sue for the painting, which is currently being held at Dorotheum

Test case for restitution in Hungarian museums as claim on 11 paintings proceeds to appeal

The paintings seized by the Nazis, then the Communist government, may yet remain with the state

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Who should own Nazi-era assets in Jewish museums?

Museums in the US and Israel contain Judaica from pre-World War II European Jewish communities, redistributed by the Allies who thought this the best solution for material taken from people and institutions that no longer existed

Much piety and hot air at Washington Conference on Holocaust Era Assets

No binding agreements were reached and little effect on restitution is expected

Austria makes legal amends by passing a bill ensuring restitution

Works acquired in a “suspicious manner” will begin to be returned at once

Jewish family loses out to Louvre over WWII spoliation case

After an emergency ruling, the Louvre retains five Italian paintings that were salvaged after the war and the aggrieved Gentili family must now await appeal. Meanwhile, the Musée national d’art moderne has approved the return of more works


Probing provenance: The importance of due diligence and insurance for defective title

The recent, widely publicised dispute over the provenance of two paintings by Egon Schiele, withdrawn last year from a loan exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art on the grounds of contested ownership, offered a vivid illustration of the problems facing museums and private collectors who may find themselves having to prove good title to their possessions

An interim report comes from "Spoils of War" symposium

A survey touching all the bases: losses, recoveries, legal debates, cultural restitution

Art marketarchive

Phillips moves into Judaica sales in New York

A difficult market now centred on Israel and Amsterdam

Christie’s takes on sale of Jewish loot

900 works of art looted from Vienna’s Jewish community and stored in a monastery since 1955 to be sold on its behalf - It may be a PR nightmare for the auctioneers