Lisson Gallery

Lisson Gallery

Diary of a London dealer, Nicholas Logsdail: “I think I changed the landscape”

Why the art market is holding up as stock exchanges plunge, and why there are 10 times more collectors than in 1990

News from London: Artists turned thespians, gallery expansions, and Tate's sweet tooth

Comedian Tony Hancock is revealed as an artist, Tracey Emin makes movies and Anthony D’Offay does a film course

What's on in London: Pitching and catching at Lisson

Feverish visions at Coles and Tsingou, Childcare at Timothy Taylor and White Cube and the Russians are coming to Vilma Gold

What's on in London: Painterly hyperbole at D’Offay and canine grandeur at Salmon

Epic list-making at Gagosian and a sombre investigation of society at the Lisson

Interview with Julian Opie: Creating logo people

The relationship between the generic and the individual is at the heart of Opie’s digitally produced work

What's on in London: Sarah Lucas lights up and gets Freudian

Subconscious probings at the Lisson and Fa1, White Cube takes on a disquieting new talent and there are spots before the eyes at Victoria Miro


Art in the Media: Norman Foster’s renovated Reichstag, Andy Warhol on video and CNN's The ArtClub comes to London

Air-raising adventures in Berlin, the mythology of Andy Warhol on screen, and The ArtClub hitting its stride at London visual art events

Art marketarchive

It was good for me: Seven London dealers review the past year

The state of the trade according to Lisson, Besson, Colnaghi and others


London galleries: Natural forms intergenerational in Asprey-Jaques' Kovats and Hepworth joint show

Tony Cragg goes wild at the Lisson, Emily Tsingou gets repetitive and Manchot’s middle-aged mum is at Zelda Cheatle

What's on in London: Mat’s move as he opens at Lisson

New homes, new exhibitions, for Allen Jones and Keith Coventry

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PaceWildenstein picks up the estate of Barbara Hepworth but delays its plan to open in London

Also in London, Lotta Hammer's gallery in Fitzrovia and "Some of my best friends are geniuses" curated by Jake Chapman

News from London: All the Turner prize gossip, while Lopez returns to Spain but Lisson gets bigger

Horsing around at the Serpentine doesn't hit the right spot for Wallinger collector

London galleries: Minimal and Conceptual art at large

Lisson’s historical show unites major international artists

Deacon exhibition at Lisson

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s exhibition at Victoria Miro complements ICA survey

Interview with Nicholas Logsdail: Lisson's founder in both expansive and expansionist mood

Contemporary art dealer affirms his confidence in the artists he works with by doubling the gallery space at the Lisson

Tony Craggarchive

Perfunctory eulogising: Tony Cragg

A book on the artist, who shows at the Lisson until 3 August