Miami Beach's Bass reopens after $12m makeover and a year of delays

Contemporary art museum was “unbelievably lucky” to avoid damage from Hurricane Irma

Artist Interview: Tracey Emin's Miami

The artist speaks briefly of her favourite Miami activities

The Rubells: 50 years and looking to the future

The collectors celebrate their wedding anniversary with a new exhibition

Latin American art collector Gary Nader plans Miami museum

The naming rights for the institution are still up for grabs

Interview with Bruce Weber: “We had to work fast—and run”

Photographer Bruce Weber has spent seven years recording the plight of Miami’s Haitian community

The art of appropriation remains at the forefront, as a major new show from the Rubells testifies

Despite high-profile, ongoing legal battles, contemporary artists continue to beg, borrow and steal with abandon

Art fairsarchive

Low prices promoted contemporary art at Arte Americas

Latin American collectors moved outside traditional comfort zones


New York- and Miami-based dealer Giuseppe Concepcion accused over multiple forgeries

Concepcion is alleged to have sold fake Matisses and Calders among others, complete with forged certificates of authenticity

Art marketarchive

This year's Art Basel proves Andy Warhol has become a universal brand name

Financial buyers have had a dramatic impact on the way the art market works


Director Mel Stuart begins filming his new documentary in Miami fairs

The project may span several episodes, following collectors of all types


Rubells donate $1 million worth of art to Tampa Museum

The institution has received 91 paintings by the Outsider artist Purvis Young

Korean artarchive

Korea's National Museum of Contemporary Art and Ministry of Culture to invest in domestic art

For the first time, public money is being put into the art scene by the Korean government


Rubell family transform their private collection into major museum complex

In the space of just a year, a former US Drug Enforcement Warehouse has been expanded to 40,000 square feet and now includes 18 new galleries, a conservation laboratory, a library and a sculpture garden


Marty Marguiles opens a new public exhibition space in Miami

Tracking the collector's vast collection from its inception to his newest project, 'The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse'


Rubell Family Collection: Recent Acquisitions

The Miami-based collectors purchase works by Tuymans, Cattelan, and others

Art Baselarchive

Miami: the burgeoning art scene that attracted Art Basel

Do commercial galleries stand to benefit from the increased footfall brought by the famous art fair?

Salvador Dalí at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami: Dream of Venus

An exploration of Dalí’s boundary-breaking pavilion finds its way into a contemporary museum

Art Baselarchive

Art Basel express plans to join forces with Art Miami next year

As its commercial advantages become apparent, Basel gets on the Art Miami bandwagon