National Endowment for the Arts

Arts industries contributed a record $1.1 trillion to the US economy in 2022

New US government data report shows cultural industries accounted for 4.3% of national economic activity in 2022, though some sectors struggled to surpass pre-pandemic figures

Pandemic-fueled shift from in-person to virtual art activities may be permanent, two US surveys suggest

Two surveys supported by the National Endowment for the Arts show that in-person art activities remain below pre-Covid levels, while many Americans continue to experience culture virtually

National Endowment for the Arts gives $103m in grants to organisations across the US

The NEA's second round of grants for fiscal year 2023 supports a wide range of exhibitions, partnerships and programmes

The arts made up more than $1 trillion of the US economy in 2021

The art and cultural sectors had a larger impact on the US GDP in 2021 than ever before, according to a new report from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Bureau of Economic Analysis

NEA study shows arts sector remained major contributor to US economy even as pandemic took its toll

The study found that while the US arts economy shrunk twice as fast as the overall economy, the arts’ contribution to GDP held steady

Biden wants to boost culture funding to historic levels as part of $6 trillion budget proposal

If Congress approves, the National Endowment for the Arts in particular would see its 2022 budget go up to $201m—the highest amount of government funding since its inception

The NEA hopes to keep arts jobs alive in the US—with limited federal relief funds

Up to 30% of arts spaces may close permanently, and agency chief fears rural areas in the US will be the hardest hit

Coalition of US arts organisations launch ongoing relief fund for artists affected by coronavirus

With $10m in funding already, Artist Relief will offer individual $5,000 unrestricted grants through September

Institutions stand to lose millions as spring fundraisers are cancelled and postponed

Due to losses caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the American Alliance of Museum estimates that one-third of the now shut museums will not be able to reopen without financial assistance from the government

As The Art Newspaper turns 30, the question is—will the A-word survive?

"Art" is a loaded term, freighted with associations of class and power

Trump wants to axe the NEA. Yes, again.

The administration points to private fundraising like crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter as a better way to support the arts

NEA and other arts agencies given funding boost by Congress

After pushing to eliminate the agencies, US President Donald Trump reluctantly signed a spending bill that assures their survival for 2018

Trump wants to axe NEA and other culture agencies—again

The president’s 2019 budget includes a similar proposal to last year’s failed plan to defund America’s arts bodies

NEA will establish new panel to select American artists for biennales

The State Department wants to promote programmes in the Muslim world

May 1998archive

Supreme Court justices consider whether decency test for NEA grants is unconstitutional

Instead of raising hopes that they might deal a decisive slap in the face to Congressional limits on artistic expression, the justices gave no clear indication of where they were heading in the case