'No chance for art institutions': fears for freedom of speech as populist party set to win Polish elections

Expected victory for ruling Law and Justice party raises concerns that minority voices will be silenced as museums increasingly come under state control

Polish government must stop dragging its heels on restitution

Serious roadblocks remain for claimants looking to reclaim works looted by Nazis

Video of Polish artist Natalia LL eating a banana temporarily goes back on show after protests over museum’s ‘censorship’

Almost 1,000 people attended banana-eating demonstration outside Warsaw’s National Museum yesterday

Krakow City Council rejects mayor’s plan to merge the city’s two leading contemporary art spaces

Councillors vote down proposal to combine the longstanding Bunkier Sztuki gallery with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków

Collector's Eye: Grazyna Kulczyk

The Polish art lover on her fascination with female artists and how she wishes she could have been seated at Judy Chicago's Dinner Party

Polish art world calls on national museum to stage 'major international show' against fascism

An open letter to Krakow institution asks for exhibition to counter rise of the right in Poland

Interview with Wilhelm Sasnal: Home is where the art is

Wilhelm Sasnal on how his native Poland provides the inspiration for his work on canvas and celluloid


Controversial Polish director forced to step down

After one year in charge art historian leaves national museum having lost vote of confidence


Italian to run Warsaw’s Centre for Contemporary Art

Poland appoints first foreign museum director


Oligarch Marek Roefler opens museum in Warsaw

Collector shows off Polish art with French accent


Poland’s National Museum champions gay rights: critics up in arms

“Ars Homo Erotica” exhibition runs 11 June to 5 Septmber


Foreign minister calls for Warsaw’s Palace of Culture to be demolished

Sikorski says that it would be better to have a park in its place

Art Baselarchive

My road to Art Basel 2009: Interview with Alicja Kwade

Alicja Kwade on fleeing Poland, working for other artists and winning prizes


New competition for Warsaw museum architect

Top practitioners had been excluded due to “Kafka-esque” rules

Nazi lootarchive

Police seize medieval casket from V&A due to Nazi loot claims

The Czartoryski family in Poland, who lost much of their art during the war, say it belongs to them

Books: The view from eastern Europe on restitution

These essays emanate from a series of Polish conferences

Milwaukee Art Museum exhibits Leonardo da Vinci and the splendour of Poland

A new show highlights the oft-forgot historical art collections of Poland

Return of 1939 World Fair art demanded

A relation of the Polish painter Tadeusz Pruszkowski, who died in 1942, has asked Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, to hand over seven Polish paintings and four tapestries, but the Jesuit Institution says the objects properly belong to it

Nazi lootarchive

Search continues for missing Raphael painting

Stolen in 1945 from a Polish prince’s museum, it is now thought to be in Bavaria

The point of no return - Europe climbs on the restitution bandwagon

But the process has stalled as far as large-scale restitution between Russia and Germany is concerned

Restitution in Poland: Count recovers Leonardo’s “Lady with the Ermine” from the Communists and donates it to a foundation

Czartoryski Museum and Library converted into foundation with advice from London art dealer, Andrew Ciechanowiecki

Polish museums to sell military equipment preserved in bogs

They have already dug out several dozen armoured cars, field-guns, transporters and other vehicles