New online magazine ‘celebrates and salutes’ Palestinian artists

Union Magazine, launched by the Berlin- and West Bank-based organisation Artists and Allies of Hebron, hopes to resist a polarised political climate

British Journal of Photography magazine saved from brink of collapse

An investor has bought the 168-year-old publication for a fraction of its claimed value

Art marketinterview

A crisis hits the art market once a decade. What is different this time? Christie's president Dirk Boll assesses the impact of the pandemic

As his new book is published, the auction house chief compares coronavirus fallout to previous economic disasters

Ottoman perspectives

This original and brilliant book describes how Western archaeology and archaeologists appeared to Turkish eyes.

Books: The National Gallery’s latest Technical Bulletin makes some great discoveries

The volume is a compendium of papers presented at the Gallery in September 2009

Books: Is Hogarth the greatest British artist of all time?

Three publications illuminate the subject of Tate Britain’s major exhibition

The publication of 'The splendour of Iran' is a landmark of the independence of native academics.

Archaeologically, architecturally and art-historically, Iran is very much on the move

Art marketarchive

Books: Dutch colonialism comes home to roost as Indonesians buy back their own art

As interest in pre-colonial and colonial art grows, authors look to document Indonesian art

Round up of Italian publishers this season

Historical figures predominate, with archaeology close behind.


Tate considers magazine

A publication is planned for the gallery, with a pilot projected for September