Ed Ruscha, the occasional photographer

Five decades after he documented every gas station from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City, US artist reveals that today he rarely takes photographs


Our pick of Paris’s photography centres

The French capital is home to many institutions dedicated to the medium


Bay Area collectors reach critical mass

Pier 24 show provides a kaleidoscopic window into what makes the San Francisco photography scene so dynamic


Five photography shows coming up this year

From masterworks of French photography in Philadelphia, to the 1970s feminist avant-garde in London, to mass media images in Los Angeles


Photography Review

Who’s collecting photography in London, Paris and San Francisco


Views from the art world

We asked leading cultural figures about Tate Modern’s effect on the art scene at home and abroad


Nicholas Serota: The great transformer

The Tate director knew Tate Modern would need to expand before it even opened. It has happened sooner than expected


The ground is laid for the next revolution

As Tate Modern open its new extension, a £260m brick-clad ziggurat designed by Herzog & de Meuron, we consider the museum’s seismic effect on the art scene in London and internationally

Sharjah's March Meeting: talking to itself or the wider community?

The 2016 March meeting kicks off tomorrow and will discuss education, participation and engagement in the Middle East and beyond


As New York prepares to display Cambodian art new and old, we assess the growing recognition of Cambodian contemporary art

An overview of the Cambodian art market, as well as names to look out for, and the legacy of the Khmer Rouge

Art marketarchive

Lesser-known artists exhibited alongside the big names of Matisse, Picasso, and Miró at Basel

Blue-chip dealers have been using Basel as an opportunity to build the potential stars of the future

Art marketarchive

Qatar sweeps the board at London Islamic sales

Spokesperson for The Museum of Islamic Art revealed the results of the sale

Art marketarchive

Winners and losers of the market 1996-97

The art market strengthened and the salerooms saw their profits leap, however the pre-tax profits of dealers fell

Art marketarchive

The UK art market: A £2.2 billion industry

Report from the British Art Market Federation shows the UK art market employs 50,000 people

Art marketarchive

A strong local identity in the LA market

Twentieth-century design, Western and Latin American art, movie memorabilia and jewellery dominate the auctions


State reforms of French archaeology imminent

Mass resignations spur Minister to action.