Turkish artist Zehra Dogan is released from prison after more than two years

The journalist, accused of spreading propaganda, was backed by Banksy

Turkey's Göbekli Tepe: is this the world’s first architecture?

Scholars say the organisation needed to build the 12,000-year-old temple may mark the beginnings of class society and patriarchy


Imprisoned Turkish artist Zehra Dogan smuggles thank-you letter to Banksy

Bristolian street artist unveiled New York mural in March in protest against her arrest

Turkish artist Zehra Dogan continues to paint on scrap paper from prison

She was sentenced to jail for "spreading terrorist propaganda" after posting a painting depicting a Kurdish town draped in Turkish flags

Contemporary art biennial returns to Mardin in Turkey after three-year hiatus

Event resumes in the ancient city in the country’s south-east corner after years of tumult

Elmgreen & Dragset bring a bit of Istanbul Biennial to Germany

Curators of this year’s show, with the theme of home and neighbourhoods, show key works at Munich museum

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Turkish president appeals ruling that he must pay damages to artist

Mehmet Aksoy's Monument to Humanity was razed by local council after Recep Tayyip Erdogan called it a "monstrosity"

Playing hardball with soft power on restitution claims

Western museums are feeling the pressure over restitution claims from China, Turkey and Cambodia

Turkey says return objects or forget loans

Roman and Ottoman-era exhibitions will suffer as US and European museums face tougher calls for restitution

Ottoman perspectives

This original and brilliant book describes how Western archaeology and archaeologists appeared to Turkish eyes.

Turkey turns up the heat on foreign museums as list of antiquities demanded gets longer

More exhibitions are hit by the loans boycott as Turkey pushes for restitution

Met faces claims for Hittite artefacts

Provenance of late trustee’s gifts investigated as Turkey takes tougher line on restitution

Turkey blocks loans to US and UK in a restitution dispute

Multiple claims for antiquities at New York’s Met, major exhibitions hit at London’s British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum

Interview with Mike Nelson: On the biennale, Turkey, and being “not quite sure what installation is…”

His work at the Venice Biennale has meant rebuilding an installation inside a rebuilt caravanserai within the British Pavilion

US museums receive surfeit of patronage for Islamic art collections

But Arab donors are in scarce supply, while Turks, Iranians and others spend freely

The Istanbul Biennial looks east (Eastern Europe, that is)

The Turkish capital has curators, collectors and galleries⁠—if the government pitches in, it could become the leading destination for contemporary art in the Middle and Near East

Government looks to China as Europe suspends funding for Ilisu dam

Authorities fail on environmental and social impact conditions

First Dalí exhibition in Turkey

The Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul is holding the first ever retrospective devoted to the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí in a Muslim country

Turkey claims stele in British Museum

Despite a lack of evidence suggesting that the basalt stele was excavated illegally, the Turkish government are making a bid to regain the artefact

Royal Academy and Tate exhibitions heading for top attendance

“Turks: A journey of a thousand years 600-1600” and “Turner, Whistler, Monet” have been wildly successful

Austrian support for the Kurds leads to friction over archaeology

Austrian support for the Kurds leads to friction over archaeology