War & Conflict

Amid Taliban insurgency, culture sector fears looting as Kabul descends into chaos

British Council in Afghanistan among international heritage organisations that have suspended operations during the conflict


'Do leopards change their spots?': Taliban threat to heritage in Afghanistan could be worse than in 2001

In an exclusive interview with The Art Newspaper, a very well-informed anonymous source tells us how museums are protecting their collections as militants sweep the country

Sacred rock-hewn churches at risk as rebel forces take control of Ethiopia's Unesco World Heritage Site Lalibela

Historic town, a holy site for millions of Orthodox Christians, caught up in widening Tigray conflict

Artist Khaled Jarrar is selling handfuls of soil from Palestinian farmland—and has turned them into NFTs

The work draws attention to the desertification of agricultural land in Palestinian territory

Prominent Israeli rabbi: 'al-Aqsa mosque is the heart of the deadly hostilities—nobody really gets it'

Respect for religious sites and religions—not military might—is the only way forward, he says


Palestinian artist films police crackdown in Israeli city of Haifa

Calls are growing for the boycott of Israeli cultural institutions as protests erupt over Israeli attacks on Gaza and the forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah

Ethiopian heritage under attack as reports of massacre emerge

Eyewitnesses say Eritrean military stormed an Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Axum, killing hundreds

Artist demands Baku art centre pulls his exhibition for using it as a 'propaganda tool' in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Turkish-born Ahmet Ogut says the Yarat Contemporary Art Space refused to take down the exhibition banner with his name appearing next to the Azerbaijani flag

Armenian monuments in line of fire in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Unesco accused of turning a blind eye to destruction of heritage sites, as bitter skirmish between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the disputed territory drags on

Significant art emerged from traumas of the past—will the pandemic prove different?

As the coronavirus crisis stretches on, we look at how artists have captured confinement in recent history and what is being done now

The cultural consequences of the Second World War carry into today

From art restitutions to how museum adapted to wartime constraints, we continue to feel the fallout 75 years after the conflict’s end

What can we learn from museums during the Second World War?

On the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we look back at how art institutions adapted to wartime constraints, from tours without pictures to child's play

Restorers making headway in rehabilitation of Erbil Citadel

After setbacks related to ISIS's offensive, preservationists in northern Iraq report progress

How one artist is using theatre to draw attention to the EU asylum problem

Staging of a refugee trial asking audience to determine the fate of an asylum seeker poses questions about the 'theatrification' of migration issues


Drawing with the ashes of Isis-ravaged buildings: Piers Secunda on the art of destruction

Artist’s works on iconoclasm in Mosul are currently on show at the Imperial War Museum in London

Art in the time of airstrikes: Yemeni artists urge international donors for support

Symposium at the British Museum, part of the Shubbak festival of contemporary Arab culture, will include artists from war-torn Yemen and Syria

Aliph global protection fund announces 14 projects across multiple war zones

The Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan, Syria’s Raqqa Museum and Mosul libraries all safeguarded

Designs for new D-Day monument in Normandy will go on sale at Masterpiece

David Williams-Ellis' sculpture for the British Normandy Memorial will be unveiled today by May and Macron

Book on artists’ opposition to the Vietnam War

Part of the 1960s US anti-war movement, artists then had nothing like the impact they have today

Max Stern: dealer's heirs still fighting for looted art justice

With works from the forced liquidation of his gallery by the Nazis still regularly turning up in Germany, two current restitution claims by his heirs could have major ramifications for all those seeking to recover looted art


New London gallery shows work by only-known artist to have worked secretly under Islamic State

The Stories Art Gallery champions artists who take a non-political approach in their work to challenge violent stereotypes of Syria


How the UK has revived its Monuments Men

The CPPU consists of a solitary lieutenant-colonel, but he is recruiting

Art made from Isis bullet hole damage goes on show for first joint UK project between Iraq and Kurdistan

Piers Secunda’s exhibition on destroyed ancient Assyrian objects is part of ongoing attempts to bring peace to a divided region

Starry Night is held by Russian government

Van Gogh drawing had been folded in half in 1945 to fit inside a suitcase

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Artists in conflict zones get a global platform with new Ruya Maps initiative

Non-profit programme launches in October with show by Venezuelan artist Pepe López in London chapel

Aleppo's reconstruction 'deserves international resources'

Aga Khan Trust for Culture calls for condemnation of destruction to be reinforced by help on the ground

Damaged art undergoes intensive care in Berlin’s Bode Museum

The institution is using funds from a private foundation to restore works scarred by war

Icom unveils Yemen red list at Metropolitan Museum in bid to halt illegal trade of artefacts

Yemen’s cultural heritage is at serious risk as war and famine ravage the country

Wende Museum of Cold War artefacts spills its secrets in California

More than 100,000 Soviet and Eastern European objects find new home in former Armory

Letter from Yemen: artist speaks out about his country’s 'forgotten war'

Ahmed Jahaf describes what it is like to live through catastrophic conflict