United Nations


Tapestry replica of Picasso's anti-war masterpiece Guernica removed from United Nations headquarters after 35 years

The work was loaned by the Rockefeller family, who have now requested it back


Hundreds of migrants removed from Banksy-funded rescue boat amid calls for immediate assistance

The British artist accused European authorities of "deliberately" ignoring distress calls issued by the overwhelmed Louise Michel, a vessel he financed to aid migrants crossing the Mediterranean

Climate Change

Today, a live-streamed, UN-sponsored discussion about what culture can do in the face of sea-level rise

Send in your comments, to be presented to the UN General Assembly in September

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador for climate

The Danish-Icelandic artist has long been addressing environmental issues in his work


Jeppe Hein's ‘breathwork’ is headed to the United Nations headquarters

The project will be launched on the heels of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York


Cambodia to host culture and tourism conference

Preservation, cultural routes, urban regeneration through tourism are all set to be discussed


Sudden and draconian consequences of the Iraq war imposed by the United Nations to ensure objects illegally removed during the war are returned

If a person in the UK who has a cultural item of Iraqi origin in his possession does not immediately hand that item over to a “constable”, he may now be guilty of a criminal offence and liable to imprisonment, even if he has legal title to the object


Why did the United Nations cover up Picasso’s “Guernica”?

How a historical work of art loses its past


Unesco adopts a new Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage to protect shipwrecks lying in international waters

However, the US and UK say the it conflicts with existing maritime legislation and Russia, Norway, Turkey, and Venezuela vote no


Restored revolutionary Bolivian murals by Miguel Alandia Pantoja remain homeless

As chief restorer of Andorra and consultant to Unesco, Guillamet was invited to save these murals. Months later, as revolution brewed, the paintings were abandoned. Seventeen years later, and this remains the case