US politics


New US visa policy could stifle outspoken artists on social media

Several high-profile artists including Ai Weiwei have spoken out against the policy

US politics

Russian artist denied US visa over ‘planted’ drugs

Artem Loskutov’s application was rejected on the same day that journalist and supporter Ivan Golunov was arrested


Abortion will happen—whatever the law says

The artist Paula Rego on why her abortion works are the best thing she's ever done

Book Shorts

Book on artists’ opposition to the Vietnam War

Part of the 1960s US anti-war movement, artists then had nothing like the impact they have today

Adrian Ghenie

Painting is more important than politics: Adrian Ghenie on his Trump-inspired portraits in Venice

Romanian artist, whose show is open at the Palazzo Cini during the Biennale, compares his art market ascendancy to working in porn


Battle over Bannon’s nationalist bootcamp in Italian monastery

Protests against the right-wing group’s takeover of a 13th-century cloister are growing


Counting the cost of the longest government shutdown in US history

The shutdown dealt a blow to federally-funded museums, with disappointed visitors, furloughed staff, disrupted exhibitions and lost revenue that “can never be regained”

US politics

Trump spent $60,000 in foundation money to buy vanity portrait, Michael Cohen reveals in testimony

The US President’s former lawyer and “fixer” tells Congress the candidate used a straw bidder to ensure his likeness was the top lot of an Art Hamptons auction


Parkland victims remembered through New-York Historical Society photo show

As part of her residency at the museum, the photographer Bettina von Zwehl made portraits with New York City high school students

US politics

NEA, Smithsonian museums and National Gallery of Art to reopen

A temporary budget deal ended the US government shutdown on Friday, allowing state-funded arts organisations to get back to work


The recent protests at the Whitney show museum trustees’ dealings cannot be ignored

The same old arguments in favour of ignoring the business dealings of trustees, of pretending museum programming can function independently of those funding it, cannot stand for long


Latin American galleries reassess sales strategies for Miami Art Week after border crackdown

Trump's decision to station 15,000 troops at the country's southwest border has further soured political relations between the US and its South American neighbours

Art market

Art dealers across the US are mobilising in support of Democrats ahead of US mid-term elections

Galleries in New York and Los Angeles make the most of their cultural and financial capital