Garry Shaw

Historic churches of Naples are at risk from sinkholes

Researchers have identified nine buildings that require a “quick response” and a further 57 places of worship that could suffer from future cavity collapses


Turkey seizes seeds from the British Institute at Ankara reflecting growing tensions in field of archaeology

Removal of ancient and modern specimens is latest run-in between President Erdogan’s government and foreign missions

Mummified llamas, sacrificed to the gods by Incas, uncovered by archaeologists in Peru

The animals still had their ritual adornments, including necklaces and long, colourful tassels hanging from their ears

Trove of ‘perfectly preserved’ painted coffins and mummies discovered at ancient Egyptian necropolis

The finding of 59 sarcophagi and dozens of statuettes in Saqqara is just “the beginning of the big discovery” Egypt’s antiquities minister says

High school student leads archaeologists to lost Inca settlement

A local boy pointed out the spot in northwest Argentina where researchers discovered the previously unrecorded site Cerro Quemado

Is the Nebra Sky Disc a millennium younger than we thought?

Analysis by German archaeologists suggests that the piece was not part of the Bronze-Age hoard looted in 1999

Decoded Maya hieroglyphs reveal the name of powerful woman ruler: ‘Lady Yopaat’

After ten years of research, the city of Cobá is revealing its secrets to archaeologists


Has Yale’s mysterious Voynich Manuscript finally been deciphered?

A German Egyptologist believes he has cracked the code to the enigmatic 15th century illustrated book—but many others have made the same claim in the past and failed

Possible unmapped chambers discovered near Tutankhamun’s tomb

Researchers have found two anomalies in Egypt's Valley of the Kings

Archaeologists uncover ancient Egyptian princess’s tomb in Dahshur

A wooden box that held canopic jars identifies the pyramid’s probably owner as a daughter of the 13th Dynasty King Ameny Qemau

Children’s footprints and painted murals preserved at site linked to Biblical exodus

A German-led archaeological team has made surprising finds in a mortar pit at the ancient Egyptian city of Pi-Ramesses

To recover history from peril: on the dealer Paul Rosenberg and the Nazi seizure of Modern art

An exhibition on Rosenberg in Belgium focuses on the story of his Paris gallery and the recovery of his looted art

Egypt’s Mallawi Museum reopens with looted collection mostly restored

After a £864,000 renovation, the museum now has modern display cases, lighting, security, and a greater emphasis on education

Archaeological work at Ephesus shut down by Turkish government

The Austrian-run project was forced to close early, reportedly due to a political row between the two countries

The Greeks in Egypt: on Sunken Cities at the British Museum

The exhibition explores the interactions between two great civilizations

Egypt announces ‘discovery of the century’ hidden behind King Tut’s tomb

Radar scans reveal metallic and organic objects that might be preserved grave goods—perhaps even the secret burial chambers of Queen Nefertiti

Heading down the publicum

Ruins of an ancient tavern excavated in France reveal Romans enjoyed a drink and some pub grub like the rest of us

Aerial photography shows off Jordan’s archaeological treasures—and reveals sites at risk

An exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society, London draws on an archive of more than 100,000 of the country, taken by military helicopter

Ancient Egypt 2.0—project launched to scan the pyramids

An international team of experts will map monuments in Giza and Dahshur using lasers, drones, subatomic particles and infrared technology

Signs point to two hidden rooms at Tutankhamun’s tomb, experts say

Archaeologists plan to use radar scanners to investigate behind the walls of the boy pharaoh’s burial chamber

Tutankhamun’s mask and tomb off view to tourists from October for cleaning

Conservators to sweep the floors of the boy pharaoh’s burial chamber and remove epoxy applied to golden mask’s loose beard

Great Dam of Marib and Al-Qahira castle in Yemen damaged by Saudi airstrikes

Continued fighting in the region further threatens the country’s heritage sites

Yemen’s historic sites damaged in airstrikes after ceasefire fails

Unesco chief condemns attacks, urges all side to keep heritage out of the conflict