UK government to extend ivory ban to include hippos, sperm whales, narwhals, orcas and walruses

Ministers hope to close loopholes that see aquatic mammals vulnerable to poaching, but dealers in antique scrimshaw works of art say it will destroy their business

After an attempted robbery at gunpoint and leadership changes, Tefaf Maastricht resolves to get back to business

The art and antiques fair returns to its normal March slot with increased security after a slimmed-down version last year

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Influencers and antiques? How a new generation is transforming the market

In a post-Covid world, tech-savvy collectors continue to disrupt the old model of in-person trading

Secrets and lies: the role of restorers in art crime

Regulation of the conservation profession may be a start, but can it quash the “ego” that often motivates restorers-turned-forgers?

'An opportunity for bargain hunters' or a waste of time? Italy relaxes stringent export laws for Old Masters and antiques worth less than €13,500

Lower-value older works and those by artists who died less than 50 years ago no longer need an export licence to leave the country—but the process can still be slow

Roman bust seized in Germany after confusion around import laws for artefacts in transit

The bronze was taken because German law requires archaeological objects have export licences from the country of origin—but it was only travelling through to Austria from the US

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Dealers mix it up at more international Brafa fair

Galleries are displaying different styles and cultures at the Belgian antiques fair this year


UK museums lose opportunity to buy rare renaissance casket

Cabinet of curiosities cannot go to US because of tough ivory regulations

UK art market recovered in 2018, with hike in exports to UAE while trade with Switzerland declines

Global art and antiques imports and exports in and out of the UK increased last year but are yet to reach the levels seen during the 2015 peak

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New Lapada chief on the challenges facing middle market antiques dealers

Freya Simms speaks ahead of the tenth Lapada Art & Antiques Fair in London

Zona Maco sister fairs return one year on from Mexico earthquake

Events dedicated to photographs, antiques, crafts and curiosities offer niche disciplines for collectors


Top experts dispute Italian police claims about seized ‘antiquities’

“I cannot imagine where a terracotta life-size horse head could come from in antiquity,” a specialist says

Kraemer brothers among six charged over allegedly fake Louis XIV furniture

Laurent and Olivier Kraemer charged with organised fraud and money laundering in ongoing investigation over so-called "fake Boulles"

Scotland Yard joins global crackdown on looted pharaonic antiquities

The initiative, which involves governments and the art world, will set up a public database of objects


What items will be exempt from the UK's tough new ivory ban?

British dealers have been awaiting the government's announcement—but questions remain how the new regulations will be implemented

Dreweatts 1759 buys struggling Mallett for £100,000 from Stanley Gibbons

London and New York antiques dealership will now form new private sales division of UK auctioneer Dreweatts, based in Berkshire and Pall Mall

Islamic State's looting of antiquities is rising but hard facts remain scarce

Experts question the reported size of illicit trade, particularly as the number of fake artefacts increases

Dreweatts and Bloomsbury get new owner

Art advising and valuations firm Gurr Johns steps in, citing "huge opportunities" in London auction market's lower levels


Doyle New York gets playful with 'attic treasures' sale

With toys and trains galore, the April sale will appeal to the child in everyone

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Indonesian antiquities thefts show no sign of abating

Fakes left in place of stolen artefacts in elaborate webs of deceit

Difficult timing for autumn fairs in New York as financial crisis hits home

Allegations of “fake” antiques further undermine confidence

Antiquesarchive the traditional antique gallery dying?

Dealers race to sell stock at auction as buying tastes change

Prince of Liechtenstein buys Badminton Cabinet for over £19 million

The finest piece of 18th-century Florentine craftsmanship will go on public show in his Vienna museum this year

Solid gold, fake Celtic cauldron found in lake

If deemed a Nazi object, it belongs to the Bavarian State