Art & Technology

Silicon Valley tech companies take novel approaches to art investment

Silicon Valley’s success stories are applying their non-corporate ethos to art investment, finding innovative ways of building their collections

How to avoid digital boom and bust

There are plenty of grants for new digital projects but finding long-term funding could be much harder

Web of intrigue: How has the 'post-internet' era changed the contemporary art world?

In the ‘post-internet’ age, digital artists are reassessing their relationship with galleries and collectors.

Let’s get digital with "post-internet" art

The frontier spirit of post-internet artists.

The digital age meets design classics at Design Miami

Galleries test the market for innovation, but there is also a wealth of Modernism on show

The art book digital takeover: not if but when

Art books for tablets will leave printed works as elite items

Digital access to Italian banks’ art

300,000 works owned by banks belonging to the Associazione Bancaria Italiana to become available to view online

The race to digitise the world’s heritage

Non-profit organisation has big plans to gather data from 500 sites over the next five years

Art enters the third dimension as 3-D printing goes mainstream

Assessing the impact of technological advances in 3-D printers and scanners on the art world, and what it means for the future

Max Ernstarchive

Investigating under Ernst’s surfaces at the Fondation Beyeler

Technical analysis could reveal secrets of rare Ernst plaster sculpture


How the detection of titanium white gave away Beltracchi

The pigment proved Beltracchi's version was inauthentic, since it was not in use at the time that the original was painted


Web salvation for workers’ art as GDR artists are digitally rehabilitated

Shunned since the Wall fell, East German works are now catalogued on the 'Bildatlas'

US could stop artists using drones

New regulations may restrict the use of surveillance technology in their work

How printmaking made Rembrandt an international star

New technology and growing middle class consumption opened up his works and those of his contemporaries to new markets


Thieves foil high-tech security at Kunsthal Rotterdam

Seven works were stolen as unmanned overnight protection fails

Who’s in the picture? Anti-terror software might tell us

Face recognition software used to spot terrorists may be the answer to identifying unknown sitters in portraits.

Books: The National Gallery’s latest Technical Bulletin makes some great discoveries

The volume is a compendium of papers presented at the Gallery in September 2009


Website could be holy grail of private market prices will unite would-be collectors with art and dealers they may not know—and it’s all built on trust

Art Baselarchive

This year's Art Basel prepares to surpass last year with adjustments to layout

Art Parcours heads indoors to the city’s historic quarter, while the Messeplatz remains sculpture-free

Latest online startup aims for 3D sales

The creators of a new software venture think that adding an extra dimension will get things moving


New York’s digital shorts: 'Made Here' explores artists’ relationships with the city

The web-based videos looks into the lives of performers and artists

Digital display: Introducing the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

The latest venture from the creators of Photoshop is a virtual art gallery

Video artarchive

Fast forward video art

Artists love it as a medium, but are collectors and dealers too busy for time-based work at an art fair?

VIP online art fair overwhelmed by early technical setbacks

Majority of dealers claim disappointment as organisers defend privacy settings and vow to overcome glitches


Inside Piranesi’s prisons on show at the Venice Architecture Biennale

An immersive, digital film at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini reimagines the artist’s dark fantasies as if in three dimensions


The work of art in the age of cut and paste

Can the law keep up with the speed of digital appropriation, reproduction and distribution? And should it even try?

Infrared-light technology gets funding boost

Technology could foresee deterioration of artworks

"Naked scanners" being used to research mummies

A new use for airport screening technology