Best of Artist Interviews

Theaster Gates, Jasper Johns, Cindy Sherman: the best of artist interviews over the past 30 years

The Art Newspaper's Review editor Ben Luke picks his favourites from the archive

Inside the house that Theaster Gates built

Rising art star and activist Theaster Gates is transforming his Chicago neighbourhood, one building at a time

March 2012archive

Andrea Fraser: exposing the art world from within

From mock guided tours to a sexual encounter with a collector, the US artist's work is a unique form of institutional critique

Paul McCarthy: 'Artists are seen as one step above criminals'

The artist on his early B-movie ambitions, art schools, the pressure to move to New York and why he’ll never leave Los Angeles

March 2011archive

Lynda Benglis: not a material girl

The artist on the 1970s feminist movement, unsolicited opportunities and that legendary Artforum advert

May 2009archive

The changing faces of Cindy Sherman

We speak to the chameleon-like photographer about her latest series, in which she becomes a string of fictional, surgically-enhanced socialites

Jasper Johns: 'I was trying to see something, to see what seeing consisted of'

As the National Gallery of Art opens a show devoted to the artist’s work from the 1950s and 60s, he looks back on the decade and reflects on the process of making

Paula Rego: prints of darkness

After 40 years, the Portuguese-born artist is still surprised by the images she creates

Ghada Amer: when Islam was sensual

The Egyptian artist draws on a Medieval Muslim erotic text to create her hand-stitched works

Luc Tymans: on pigeon power

Belgium's representative at this year's Venice Biennale explains why pigeons are not symbols of peace, how he depicts violence without actually showing it and why he returned to painting

Jenny Holzer: towards the mot juste

The US artist on text being just one medium in her work and how trying to measure up to Goya can keep her motionless for months

Robert Rauschenberg: 'Business sure screwed up the art world universally'

On the occasion of his Guggenheim retrospective, the artist talks about his globe-trotting approach to “the adventure of art”

June 1994archive

R.B. Kitaj: 'I begin my working day by falling asleep in front of my easel'

The American artist, who has lived in Britain for the past 35 years, is celebrated with a large exhibition at the Tate

June 1992archive

Just what is it that makes Richard Hamilton so different, so appealing?

The artist gives a rare interview ahead of his Tate Gallery retrospective, weighing in on Pop Art and the Pop revival and the need for quality judgements in art and consumer society