The art world reacts to Brazil’s new far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro

The former army captain's apparent leanings toward authoritarianism and his fundamentalist views have arts professionals feeling wary

Francis Upritchard: the confessions of a magpie Kiwi

The New Zealand-born artist’s show at the Barbican Art Gallery reflects her diverse approach to materials, including a rare Brazilian rubber called balata

National Museum in Rio starts rebuilding efforts with temporary exhibitions

While most of its collection is still buried under rubble, the institution begins the long road to restoration with displays of stored works that were spared from the fire

What will it take to restore Rio's National Museum to its former glory?

This will be no easy task and will require a broad coalition of forces

James N Green

Kindling for the fire: why Brazil’s lost research archives are irreplaceable

Much more was lost than objects and papers when the National Museum burned down

Little known Modern artists struggling with mental health find a place in the Sao Paulo biennial

Swedish artist Mamma Andersson brings marginalised practitioners, including Chicago recluse Henry Darger, to the fore

Protesters decry neglect after Brazilian museum fire

Amid melee at Rio's National Museum, museology students begin project to digitise the institution


After the loss of its convicted founder, the Inhotim Institute carries on

The arts park maintains momentum as Bernardo Paz appeals a nine-year sentence for laundering donations


Censored queer art show reopens to record-breaking crowds in Rio

The exhibition was revived thanks to one of the country’s biggest crowdfunding campaigns, which raised more than $250,000

Why using lasers to clean feathers is not a bird-brained idea

Conservators have used the method on a ceremonial cape made by the Tupinambá—a cannibalistic tribe from Brazil

São Paulo museum wins court fight against Brazilian airport’s steep cargo fees on Tate Modern loans

The ministries of culture and transportation are now setting up a commission to create clear guidelines for objects coming into the country for cultural events

Largest show of contemporary African art in Brazil opens latest leg of tour

Exhibition at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil mixes "traditional and modern, colonial and post-colonial, local and global"

As Brazil turns a corner, will local market follow?

São Paulo galleries have survived the country’s crises with a mix of adaptation and collaboration

New York welcomes Tarsila—the high priestess of Brazil’s Modernist cannibals

Recent appreciation of artist challenges 'illusion that we have come to terms with variety of Modern art'

Battle for Basquiat: exhibition opens to huge crowds in São Paulo after prevailing in tussle between museums

Two major shows had been planned but only Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil's is taking place after Masp cancelled


Should museums display human remains from other cultures?

Vienna’s Weltmuseum criticised for displaying a trophy head


Brazilian collector Bernardo Paz, founder of Inhotim art park, receives prison sentence

He denies money laundering charges, saying non-profit organisation is audited and operates independently from his companies

Women artists lead the way in Brazil

Unlike their Western counterparts, female Brazilian artists are at the forefront of the market


Christie’s pulls works from Latin American auction after ‘forgery’ concerns

Ten items from one collection withdrawn from New York auctions


Impressive publication on the anonymous 'RA' collection of Chinese porcelain

Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos' three-volume catalogue is painstakingly researched and beautifully presented

Pinault sends his collection across the globe

Modern and contemporary works are on the way to Korea and Brazil

MoMA announces Lygia Clark exhibition

The show will be the first North American retrospective of the artist

Crime archive

Found: paintings from the collection of Brazilian money launderer

A Léger and a Basquiat belonging to Edemar Cid Ferreira have been identified

Sao Paolo XXIII Biennale: A Biennale in search of magicians, new, old and semi-old

Bringing together Picasso and Kapoor, Louise Bourgeois and Basquiat, Lam and the new Latin Americans, Jean-Hubert Martin and Achille Bonito Oliva