Chantal Joffe

Rewriting the Thanksgiving myth: the Mayflower and the Wampanoag, 400 years on

Plus, artist Chantal Joffe on a poignant painting by Paula Modersohn-Becker


What songs do contemporary artists listen to while they work? Tune in to our Spotify playlist to find out

From Joni Mitchell to Radiohead and Sun Ra, Michael Armitage, Jenny Saville, Chantal Joffe and Rashid Johnson reveal their favourite tracks

A brush with... Chantal Joffe

An in-depth podcast conversation on the painter’s big influences, from Chaim Soutine to Anne Sexton

Hosted by Ben Luke. Produced by Julia Michalska, David Clack, Kabir Jhala and Aimee Dawson. Sponsored by

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