Chinese art market


China Guardian head sounds warning note on sales and fraud

Hu Yanyan says that results will still be “healthy”

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Frieze launches charm offensive to tempt China, with Fiac not far behind

Frieze welcomes UK’s new visa rules for visitors as event’s co-founder prepares to “increase the dialogue” with Chinese artists and galleries

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Chinese buyers finally come out of the woodwork for Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

The fair's long-term goal has been to crack the Chinese market

Shanghai: City of millionaires is driving China’s museum boom

At least three major art institutions opened last year and a similar number are expected to open in 2013

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What Chinese collectors are really buying

While ancient art and ceramics remain popular, Contemporary Chinese art is taking off at home, and buyers outside the mainland are slowly looking toward Western art

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Rich inland cities become players on Chinese art scene

Sotheby’s goes west as art centres spring up beyond the traditional coastal base

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Local collectors pick and choose in Chinese art and ceramics sales, with unsold lots increasing in key auctions

The days when buyers would pay top prices for any work seem to be over, as a maturing market becomes more selective and sensitive to change in the global economy

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CIGE Beijing is still local and still finding its way

Loyal collectors and galleries keep contemporary show on the map

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Art market's '08 boom and bust reflected in Chinese contemporary art sales

Figures saw buyers losing interest in the genre, before they regained confidence early last year

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Booming Chinese economy boosts art market

But emphasis is still on traditional works, with less understanding of contemporary art

Ullens collection snatched up at Sotheby's

Sotheby’s auction sold out but buyers still predominately international


Some of the leading contemporary art collectors of China

While the stereotype of Chinese collectors includes a focus on traditional and historical Chinese art, these collectors buck the trend

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EU tax and regulation changes and more sales could allow the European art market to retain top spot over China

Yet the EU's share of the market is steadily declining and the US may already have lost its lead

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Top galleries commit to Art HK fair

Dealers keen to work with eager Chinese collectors

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Trends in collecting: Are domestic collectors ready to take on the world?

While the Russians are branching out, Indian collectors don't stray far from home

Andy Warhol’s $28m “Athletes” in Chinese capital for the Games

The series will go on show at the Faurscho gallery in Beijing


We talk to Zhang Hao Ming, part-owner of Beijing’s Art Now gallery which took part in Art Basel for the first time in June

Telecoms millionaire, restaurateur, hotelier, reality TV producer, gallery owner and collector

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The auction houses are distorting our understanding of Chinese art

Chinese auction house data deemed unreliable and misleading as not all artists have made it to the salesroom yet

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Chinese buyers thin on the ground at first Shanghai art fair: ShContemporary in review

Nevertheless, dealers predict this will change as excitement surrounds international event


The great Chinese gold rush: Chinese art scene continues to blossom

Tate’s director of collections has visited China twice this year and MoMA trustees are also on their way

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Increased Chinese involvement at Art Basel is proof of China's contemporary art market expanding

Influential forces in the Western art world are courting potential Chinese buyers, but this market is far from mature


A turn of the tides: Art is flowing back to China as the Chinese market grows

Overseas collectors are shipping work to China for sale in the growing number of auction houses

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China opens doors to foreign auction houses

What does this mean for auction houses and the growing number of buyers?

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A growing and buoyant Chinese art market suggests “No one should underestimate the strength of the Chinese diaspora”

1996 saw high prices and new records with the Chinese determining the shape and make up of future sales

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