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London dealers embroiled in Ezra Chowaiki fraud scheme over $1.2m Chagall painting

Fresh complaint seeks the return of the work allegedly sold by the disgraced Manhattan dealer under false pretences

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Double Jeopardy? US dealer fights extradition to Poland, for the second time

Alexander Khochinsky’s lawyer calls the country’s actions over a €10,000 looted painting “aggressive and disproportionate” and says his client will not get a fair trial in the “illiberal democracy”

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Christopher Gibbs: the man who brokered £50m Getty grant to the National Gallery—and fed Princess Margaret hash brownies

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Dealer Mary Boone pleads guilty to $1.6m in tax fraud

The art dealer will pay $3m in restitution to the IRS after falsifying returns to hide her use of gallery profits to upgrade her Manhattan home


New York art dealer pleads guilty to multimillion-dollar fraud

The court has ordered that Ezra Chowaiki forfeit over $16.6m as well as works by Picasso, Calder, Chagall and Degas

Artoon by Pablo Helguera, Frieze New York 2018, Issue 2

"In order to bring diversity to our all-white male artist stable, we decided to bring in a few other, slightly more affordable, white male artists."

Frieze New York pays tribute to the School of Hudson

The maverick art dealer helped to shape New York’s contemporary art scene by finding and supporting some of today's biggest artists

Don’t just berate the thieves: look at the museums and excavators too

In the last of our series which publishes talks given in London this summer, Professor Sir John Boardman, Lincoln Professor Emeritus of classical archaeology and art at Oxford, singles out three areas for concern.