Digital Age

Digital access to Italian banks’ art

300,000 works owned by banks belonging to the Associazione Bancaria Italiana to become available to view online

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The creators of a new software venture think that adding an extra dimension will get things moving

Digital display: Introducing the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

The latest venture from the creators of Photoshop is a virtual art gallery


The work of art in the age of cut and paste

Can the law keep up with the speed of digital appropriation, reproduction and distribution? And should it even try?

Congress approves $100,000 for pilot digital project

Digital Promise non-profit will develop electronic education programmes

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Ossian Ward investigates European and US perspectives and the issues of conservation and ownership

What's on in New York: Tackling the digital age

Shows include the first retrospective of images by Hiro at Pace/MacGill and Todd Eberle's computer portraits

Michelangelo's sculptures transported into the digital age with new scanning technology

Stanford University works to create computer models of all of the master's sculptural works

How fares the digital revolution: A look at the Corbis Corporation

We assess the benefits that have accrued to museums and publishers so far

What's happening in the world of information technology in the museum community

A three-day conference and exhibition in London with new projects on show


How are Britain's leading museums exploiting new multimedia technology?

Pundits inform us that the new media age is now upon us. Will this transform the museum sector?

Digital visual library expands

Interactive Home Systems partners with National Gallery and Seattle Art Museum