Art in the media: Light and dark after the war at the Ferus Gallery and in the art of Georg Baselitz

Ostensibly disparate films illuminate art after the end of World War II


The films of Warhol’s lost lover rediscovered: A documentary on Danny Williams

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Dishing the dirt on NY’s women dealers

Art in the media: History as a developing process

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Art in the Media: Norman Foster’s renovated Reichstag, Andy Warhol on video and CNN's The ArtClub comes to London

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Art on Screen from “Lust for Life” to “I Shot Andy Warhol”

David D’Arcy reviews the rash of films about art and artists now being made in the US


Will the upcoming Warhol biopic be another casualty of art films' tendency to alienate audiences?

The artist's life story will soon be a minor motion picture, but cinema-goers could be disenchanted with such dramatisations