Fitzwilliam Museum

Kerry James Marshall donates his first portrait of a living person to Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

The American artist has given a painting of Harvard academic Henry Louis Gates Jr., who spoke at the unveiling of the US Supreme Court attempts to "roll back the clock" on affirmative action

Courbet painting—seized by the Nazis and owned by a reverend—to be returned to its original owners

The forest landscape, La Ronde Enfantine, will be returned by the Fitzwilliam Museum, UK, to the heirs of Robert Bing

Island hopping: exhibition finds connections between ancient cultures of the Mediterranean

Show at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum of more than 200 artefacts from Sardinia, Cyprus and Crete considers the connections between lost island civilisations

Why take binoculars on your next museum visit? You might solve an art history mystery

An unattributed painting in Lincolnshire's Burghley House bears a striking resemblance to the work of Hans Eworth

Was UK museum's Courbet landscape stolen in Nazi-occupied France for Hitler’s deputy?

Now in Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum, a restitution claim for the work has been submitted to the Spoliation Advisory Panel

Magdalene Odundo discusses dancing with clay ahead of Venice Biennale exhibition

Ceramics have at last gained due prominence in contemporary art. After decades of making her sensual vessels, the Kenyan-British artist explains why

David Hockney is ‘compellingly perceptive’ even though he may be wrong about perspective

The historian Martin Kemp tells us what it was like co-curating a new show of the artist’s works, displayed amongst the masterpieces of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

Fresh meat: painting restoration reveals that hunk of beef thought to be cooked was actually raw

The 17th-century work features in a newly opened exhibition on art and food at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

Cambridge Museums to pilot LGBTQ+ tours

Visitors at the Polar Museum might learn incidence of homosexuality among penguins


The Met's Luke Syson to head Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

Curator returns to the UK where he organised the blockbuster 2011 Leonardo exhibition at the National Gallery in London

Leonardo reunited in Cambridge

The Fitzwilliam acquires the missing half of its 'A rider on a rearing horse'


Portrait miniatures, Little England

Three books demonstrate the revival of interest in portrait miniatures and the leading role of the Victoria and Albert Museum in this field


Obituary for Michael Jaffé: As demanding of himself as he was of others

A formidable connoisseur, academic and museum director who inspired many top figures in the British art world.

From the archive | When Jacob Rothschild spoke out about the challenges of running the Heritage Lottery Fund

Rothschild retired as the first chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund at the end of March 1998. In a rare interview, he described its relationship with government