German museums commit themselves to provenance research concerning supposed Nazi loot

The younger generation has asked tough questions and come up with some answers

"The AAM guide to provenance research" by Nancy Yeide, Konstantin Akinsha and Amy Walsh

A guide on how to best investigate provenance with specific emphasis on the specialist problems of the Holocaust-era, solvable using provenance research


Can drawings produced in concentration camps be works of art or are they Holocaust documents?

A new exhibition looks at works produced by artists while detained by the Nazis

Should the new Holocaust gallery be a permanent feature of this museum?

The Imperial War Museum's exhibition is intended as a reminder of past evil

A wound still festering at the heart of Germany

Parliament has finally voted to build Berlin's memorial to the Holocaust

Much piety and hot air at Washington Conference on Holocaust Era Assets

No binding agreements were reached and little effect on restitution is expected

Nazi lootarchive

Goodman restitution case settled out of court

Disputed Degas to go to the Art Institute of Chicago

Art marketarchive

Christie’s to auction unclaimed works of art confiscated from Austrian Jews by the Nazis

8,000 works stored for over forty years in the medieval monastery at Mauerbach

Swiss bank accounts trace Nazi art deals

Newly declassified records track the deposit of Nazi assets in Swiss banks—they include references to works of art


Fifty years ago: looking at the art and artists of 1945

Peace was celebrated in Europe fifty years ago. As The Art Newspaper reaches its fiftieth issue this month, we look at the art of a war-torn world


Books: Spiegelman's comics come to MoMA

Maus, the highly successful re-telling of the Holocaust, uses mice, cats and pigs as the protagonists