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Online art ventures continue to face business difficulties

Eppraisals disappears, N@rt stops art sales, and nextMonet merges

Former Christie's director launches online venture

“We are a technology platform, not an auction house,” said Mark Poltimore in 2000. The onetime auction boss wants to make European sales more accessible to US and UK audiences

April 2000archive

How the internet will change the art market: the new kids on the block are smarter than you think

The advice on how to be successful in the online world offered here in 2000 centred on building a community and having a shared sense of purpose and trust


The world’s largest museum of surviving Tibetan painting goes online

Shelley and Donald Rubin’s website invites contributions from museums, collectors, and scholars

Art marketarchive

Will art crime be more common in cyberspace?

What effect will the internet have on a market traditionally based on face-to-face contact and what are the implications of increased access to information?

Bill Gates and Mark Getty aim to corner the stock photography market

The new information technology has transformed traditional picture research


How are Britain's leading museums exploiting new multimedia technology?

Pundits inform us that the new media age is now upon us. Will this transform the museum sector?

High-tech advances at the Uffizi to transform air conditioning, conservation, and data maintenance

Progress on the “Uffizi advanced technology project” in Florence is going well.