Will the British Museum lend Nigeria the Benin bronzes?

Planned museum in Benin City offers safe environment for Western collections, the country says

Scotland Yard joins global crackdown on looted pharaonic antiquities

The initiative, which involves governments and the art world, will set up a public database of objects

V&A opens dialogue on looted Ethiopian treasures

Director pledges rethink on objects seized by British troops in 19th-century Africa

Tough new scrutiny by district attorney rattles New York antiquities trade

Will New York district attorney’s new unit clean up the antiquities market—or shut it down?


Rhode Island School of Design denies claim on Picasso by Alphonse Kann heirs

Provenance research commissioned by the university has found that-while the work was once owned by the legendary collector-it was not looted by the Nazis

New York DA’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit starts the new year with double seizures

The newly formed team, led by Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos, has been cracking down on ancient art dealers and collectors

Painting looted from Hitler withdrawn from auction in Cologne

Franz von Stuck’s portrait of two girls was due to be sold at Van Ham


Appeals court allows heir to renew claim against Nahmad family over Modigliani painting

The convoluted case involves suspected Nazi loot, the Panama Papers leak and a shadowy shell company

Cornelius Gurlitt’s art hoard finally gets first public showing

Organisers hope two shows will lead to restitution claims from victims of Nazi persecution

Looted Benin bronzes to be lent back to Nigeria

Pledge by European museums to set up “permanent display” of rotating loans in Benin City could pave way for restitution

The Met might return another ancient vase to Italy

A fourth-century BC terracotta krater was turned over to the DA’s office last week based on evidence it was looted

Dusseldorf museum pulls painting from show after Nazi loot claim

Owner says Andreas Achenbach’s Sicilian Landscape was bought in a “normal gallery transaction”


Hobby Lobby agrees to pay $3m fine for Iraqi looted artefacts

Thousands of objects were falsely labelled and shipped to the arts-and-crafts company, according to prosecutors

The Cleveland Museum of Art returns bust of emperor’s ‘bloodthirsty’ son to Italy

The sculpture is the 15th object the museum has repatriated after discovering it was looted

Montreal’s Max Stern Foundation gets its Bacchus back

The FBI recovered the work when it was offered for sale at the 2015 Spring Masters fair in New York

The Cambodian art smuggling scandal that’s ready to erupt

The Metropolitan Museum may not be the last institution to return looted sculptures


US museum directors debate antiquities provenance dilemma

Should museums acquire objects without provenance, which may have been looted? Yes, say several panelists

Art tradearchive

Excavations and trade are essential to the study of antiquities

An international symposium hosted by the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) comes together to discuss the art trade and cultural heritage preservation.


Italy's attempt at curbing illegal art excavation and trade backfires

Make the citizen your ally if you want to save the nation’s past

Collector gets tax break for donating cylinder seals to university

Archaeologists say the artefacts are likely to have been smuggled out of Iraq

Looted artarchive

Hector Feliciano seeks $6.8 million from Rosenberg heirs for finding Nazi loot

The complaint demands a 17.5% finders fee for aiding the recovery of stolen artworks

"My life as a tombarolo." The Art Newspaper goes underground in the world of illicit archaeology

Cristina Ruiz spent a day with the man who controls much of the illicit excavation on the site of ancient Veii, one of the largest Etruscan cities.

Knoedler and Seattle Art Museum settle over Matisse lawsuit

In 1954 Knoedler sold picture stolen from Paul Rosenberg by Nazis

Decisive times for underwater archaeology: Who owns the watery past?

There are an estimated three million undiscovered shipwrecks scattered throughout the world’s oceans. UNESCO is calling for a global treaty to protect them. Salvors say it is unrealistic and unworkable.


Italian cathedral claims missal in British Library

Change of attitude towards restitution requests may signal changes in UK law