New York Court of Appeals rules that Schiele paintings must be returned to Leopold Foundation

The paintings are claimed to have been stolen from their rightful owners during the Nazi annexation of Austria


Mahler-Werfel restitution case revived, and put on hold

The council on looted art has postponed its decision on whether to return five paintings in the Oesterreiches Galerie to the granddaughter of Alma Mahler-Werfel


Growing unease over looted Lubomirski Dürers

A sheet of paper found in a second-hand book by The Art Newspaper details valuations of the drawings when sold by Colnaghi

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The National Gallery investigates wartime provenance of 120 paintings

The London gallery aims to ensure that they are not war loot and appeals for assistance in checking their recent histories

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Goodman restitution case settled out of court

Disputed Degas to go to the Art Institute of Chicago

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The Lviv Dürer story continues: Hitler’s shadow over the British Museum

Restitution claims for the Lubomirski and Ossolinski collections are complicated by the history of Lviv’s occupiers

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The Association of Art Museum Directors promises to search collections for Nazi loot

Critics pointed out that the AAMD has no enforcement provision for members who violate its guidelines, not even its own mediation process

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War loot found in a rug dealer’s shop in Boston

Veteran’s reluctant admission of taking plunder clinches case

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Search continues for missing Raphael painting

Stolen in 1945 from a Polish prince’s museum, it is now thought to be in Bavaria


Works of art vanish from Kinshasa

The change of regime in the Democratic Republic of Congo coincided with thefts from the Institut des Musées Nationaux

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US Customs seize a painting from a looted collection

The collection was stolen during Nazi occupation of France


Books: The “Spoils of War” 1995 conference papers

A survey touching all the bases, including losses, recoveries, legal debates, and cultural restitution

Weimar gets a painting back as Sotheby’s returns stolen Tischbein portrait

“A very happy occasion” as painting looted by American soldiers returns home


Russian Parliament nationalises art taken from Germany

But negotiations continue between Chancellor Kohl and President Yeltsin

Swiss bank accounts trace Nazi art deals

Newly declassified records track the deposit of Nazi assets in Swiss banks—they include references to works of art

Don’t just berate the thieves: look at the museums and excavators too

In the last of our series which publishes talks given in London this summer, Professor Sir John Boardman, Lincoln Professor Emeritus of classical archaeology and art at Oxford, singles out three areas for concern.

“This is Soviet-style imperialism”: Interview with Director-General of Berlin Museums, Wolf-Dieter Dube

Dube reacts angrily to Russian delays over restitution and responds to the opposition of Irina Antonova, veteran director of the Pushkin Museum


Books: Stalin’s supermuseum

As the Red Army pushed back the Nazi invaders in 1944, a pair of Soviet art historians compiled a list of masterpieces from Europe’s museums to be brought back to Moscow


Looted Bremen drawings on show at the Hermitage in June

About 150 items from the collection will be displayed at the exhibition


Looted art publicly acknowledged by Soviet Minister of Culture

A commission will be set up at Gorbachev’s behest to look into cultural property removed to U.S.S.R.


The library of the Sabatinis

After decades of pretending to know nothing about it, Mainz University library reluctantly returns Nazi loot of precious books


The sacking of Germany

Where is the world-famous antique glass from the Berlin Antiquarium? What has happened to the coin collection of the Royal Prussian Mint? Where is the precious antique jewellery from the Zahn-Bibliotek?