Modern art

Who will build Berlin’s new museum of the 20th century?

Ten proposals have made it to the next round of architecture competition


A world away from the rest: David D'Arcy on Paula-Modersohn Becker at Galerie St. Etienne

A show of the artist's work reveals her proximity to and distance from both modernism and academicism

Milan’s Palazzo Reale eyes up the Symbolists

Major exhibition opens of the artists who put poetry, myth, love and death first and foremost


Short, sharp—and funny: Bernhard Schulz on Adolph Menzel

To mark the 200th anniversary of his birth, a book celebrates Adolph Menzel as the “painter of modern life”

What Delacroix taught the Moderns: Beth Wright on Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art

A splendid exhibition gauges the painter's influence on the Impressionists and post-Impressionists

An island of bitter-sweetness: Caroline Bugler on Paul Klee

Two shows in Bern reveal how the artist grappled with youth, exile and death

Tehran’s Modern art could travel to the US

Hirshhorn holds preliminary talks but Berlin first in queue to borrow works by artists such as Gauguin, Pollock, Rothko, Picasso and Bacon

Berlin will be first to show works from Tehran's world-class Modern art collection

Exhibition of Western and Iranian art agreed in historic German-Iranian deal

Gallerists at Frieze are saluting their pioneering forebears

Stands pay tribute to dealers who were ahead of their time

UK debut for Calder's most complex mobile

The 12-foot sculpture has not left Brazil since Calder gave it to the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil in São Paulo, in 1948

Back of Blue Period painting offers glimpse of ‘the Picasso behind Picasso’

La Gommeuse is being sold at Sotheby’s New York with a second, irreverent work on the reverse

Is it an auction house, a gallery or a museum?

Phillips to host non-selling Barbara Hepworth show in London next summer, with works on loan from Wakefield and private collections


Against allegory: on Benjamin Buchloh’s new collection of essays

The art historian’s new book is properly pessimistic

Punctured Fontana egg to headline Sotheby’s London auctions

Modern Italian works set to steal contemporary art’s limelight (again) in Frieze Week sales

Van Gogh and Malevich works are star lots in Sotheby’s November sales in New York

The auction house looks to hold on to its lead in Impressionist and Modern art against rival Christie’s


Shadow boxing with Joseph Cornell: Kelly Grovier on what the artist hid and revealed

The US artist’s exhibition at the Royal Academy is full of careful omissions

A healthy dose of nature: David D’Arcy on van Gogh’s landscapes

An exhibition at the Clark Art Institute is a road map for the artist’s psychological journey


A problem for every problem: Mike Pepi on Art is a Problem

Joshua Decter’s book of essays raises questions it refuses to answer


Portrait of the jeering artist as a young gent: Alexander Adams on Francis Picabia

The artist’s conventional beginnings belie his artistic proclivity for mockery. By Alexander Adams

An existential shudder from a pure white surface: Kelly Grovier on the art of Agnes Martin

The US artist’s retrospective at Tate Modern reveals an artist who transcended traumas

Restituted works help Sotheby’s lead the way in London sales

Impressionist and Modern art auctions were in line with expectations

Beautiful brutality: the splendours of violence at the Venice Biennale

The central exhibition at the Venice Biennale is searing but splendid, even if it raises moral concerns

Sotheby’s stands alone and sweeps up $368.3m at Impressionist sales

The auction house took a chance sticking to a schedule that clashed with the Venice Biennale’s opening—and it paid off

Leonard Lauder: The man who put Cubism in the Met

The billionaire philanthropist reveals how he amassed a collection of works by Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger with a museum in mind

Tate celebrates return of restored Rothko

The product of 9 months of restoration leaves no traces of graffiti ink

Tate Modern’s Matisse show is a cut above

London, and then New York, will see the largest number of Matisse’s paper constructions ever assembled


Tate Modern is our model, says director of Pushkin museum

Maria Loshak seeks industrial space for Modern and contemporary art satellite in Moscow

Rauschenberg’s collection gets New York outing at Sperone Westwater

“Radio Waves: New York ‘Nouveau Réalisme’ and Rauschenberg” provides a snapshot of the 1960s art scene


Hermitage and Pushkin involve Putin in new museum row

The two institutions have clashed over the future of modern masterpieces