Mona Lisa



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Gallery partnered with animal welfare group Chicken Rescue Rehome

Mona Lisa smeared with cake by man ‘dressed as old lady in wheelchair’

"There are people who are destroying the planet, that's why I did it," the vandal said

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Family claims quarter share of disputed Isleworth Mona Lisa

The painting, long the subject of an attribution dispute, is now at the centre of a legal conflict over ownership

The Mona Lisa is on the move this summer at the Musée du Louvre

The Leonardo painting, which is seen by thousands of visitors each day, is temporarily leaving its home during renovations to the gallery

Carlos Santana dreams of seeing the Mona Lisa naked: now he can

As the so-called “Nude Mona Lisa” goes on display at Chantilly, here’s the Mexican guitarist’s love song

French exhibition aims to reveal naked truth about 'nude Mona Lisa'

New research suggests work could be a prototype of an idealised “Venus” portrait designed by Leonardo himself

Earliest copy of Mona Lisa found in Prado

Experts say the painting was completed at the same time as Leonardo’s original

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And not Isabella d’Este, Pacifica Brandano, Costanza d’Avalos, a cumulative female image—or Leonardo in drag