Richard Prince

Art goes offshore for Stiltsville show

Half Gallery show heads out to Biscayne Bay's celebrated nautical settlement

Art marketcomment

The tension between copyright law and Appropriation art: where is the line between artistic innovation and stealing?

As a US court issues a decision on the dispute between the Andy Warhol Foundation and photographer Lynn Goldsmith, two lawyers explore past case studies in this legally controversial area


Richard Prince defends reuse of others’ photographs

In court motions, he argues that his appropriation explores the virtual world of social media

Richard Prince denounces exhibition of early Joke paintings at Skarstedt gallery. Or does he?

US artist says he has “nothing to do with the show”, the first to focus on this body of work in the UK

High-profile new lawsuits test the limits of fair use

Pending lawsuits surrounding Andy Warhol and Richard Prince could bring clarity to cases involving appropriation

Collector Robert Wylde sues Gagosian

Further legal woes for the the gallery


The work of art in the age of cut and paste

Can the law keep up with the speed of digital appropriation, reproduction and distribution? And should it even try?

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Richard Prince's Spiritual America has been the subject of police interference, and the question of unclothed children in art is once again at the forefront

Still no plan for Richard Prince’s house

The artist’s fire-damaged Second House environment faces an uncertain future

Prince and Gagosian fight back over copyright

Response to lawsuit by French photographer claims images not “strikingly original”


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Unsettling excesses at Stephen Friedman and various ponderings on places and no-places at Milch, Corvi Mora, Timothy Taylor and Emily Tsingou