Art consultant pleads guilty to filing false tax return

Lacy Doyle hid millions of dollars in inheritance in a Swiss bank account, US Attorney says


How the new US tax law affects the art world

President Trump today signed sweeping changes to the tax system that will impact wealthy individuals, art businesses and museums


Will the US tax proposal sell out art buyers?

A proposed revision to the tax code could subject sellers to capital gains tax on art and slow the market

Interview by Alexandra Bregman

Public asked to photograph ‘secret collection’ of works stored in homes across the UK

Open Inheritance Art project aims to uncover items that should be publicly available through tax-relief arrangements

How the estate of Thailand’s missing ‘Silk King’ was among the winners of Reagan’s 1986 Tax Reform Act

The sweeping legislation cleared a hefty tax bill for the heirs of American businessman Jim Thompson, whose home and collection in Bangkok was turned into a public museum

Why should collectors get all the breaks?

Artists seek similar tax incentives for donating works to museums and auctions

Will California collectors take their secondary market business out of state?

Panel of federal judges say 5% resale royalty law can only apply to works sold within California


How to get on with artists, handle mergers and avoid lawsuits

Legal conference tackles issues facing US museums, from commissioning work to developing diversity


Will Obama’s ‘middle-class economics’ hit inherited art?

Proposed tax reforms could make the rich feel less well-off—and less likely to spend on art


Barbara Allbritton sues IRS for $40.6m tax refund

The collector is arguing that no transfer of ownership of her collection ever took place

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French trade warns of VAT ‘disaster’

Warnings that the French government's proposed VAT hikes will undermine the country's standing in the global art market

Air of malaise at Paris fairs

A scheduling clash and an unfriendly tax environment slowed business at most fairs


Californian collectors hit by tax rise

The rates for use tax and sales tax has increased to 7.5%

Would French tax hike hit Arnault’s Paris museum?

President Hollande plans to implement 75% tax rate on income above €1m a year


Oslo collector Martin Schøyen sells 60 manuscripts

He blames Norway’s tax system for his decision


The obsessions and follies of the charismatic Joost Ritman

The fate of esoteric books and illuminated manuscripts hangs in the balance

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New books on art investment aim to capitalise on the emerging field

However, too much knowledge can be confusing... even when it is as well selected as this


Artists should have same tax deductions as collectors when donating works of art

The Art Dealers Association of America is lobbying the government to change the law

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Anthony d’Offay deal with Tate and Scotland sets tax precedent for UK philanthropy

For his partial donation of £125m worth of art, the dealer received £26.5m—the price he originally paid for the collection—tax free


Russian art collector could face seven years in prison

Vladimir Nekrasov has been charged with corporate tax evasion

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Tax breaks fuel Korean sales

Buyers were active in recent auctions and three new art funds have been started

Turner seller might have done better with Tate

Why was The Dark Rigi sold privately, when a public sale would have given valuable tax breaks?