Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art closes for fumigation after paper-eating bugs spotted inside artwork

Silverfish were filmed behind the glazing of a photograph by Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Iranian museum

The astonishing tale of how a US vice president’s Van Gogh work ended up in Iran

Vincent’s print—inscribed “At Eternity’s Gate” by the artist—went from Nelson Rockefeller to Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art

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Hermitage plans ‘exchange of outstanding and significant exhibits’ with National Museum of Iran

Despite pandemic, Russian and Iranian museum directors met online to discuss future cultural collaborations

Experimental art space in Tehran has been recreated in Pittsburgh

Two artists began a collaborative project after one was denied a visa to enter the US under Donald Trump's travel ban

Artist accuses Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art of selling off works at a premium

Rokni Haerizadeh sold his work to the museum at a reduced rate before it was auctioned without his permission

Louvre’s director: we are active in 75 countries

Jean-Luc Martinez says the museum’s international projects have skyrocketed over the past five years

Art Basel in Hong Kong welcomes more mainland galleries

Dealers from across Asia are ramping up their presence, and around half of the projects in the Kabinett sector are by Asian artists

Against the odds, Louvre exhibition opens in Tehran in historic deal

French museum became first cultural institution to secure ties with Islamic regime after sanctions lifted in 2016


India's Devi Art Foundation debuts show exploring political unrest in Iran

More than 50 artists included are part of Anupam Poddar's collection


Discovery of fragment belonging to British Museum's Cyrus cylinder further defers loan to Iran

This development has done little to alleviate lingering tensions between Iran and Britain


British Museum will loan Cyrus Cylinder to Iran's National Museum

The British Museum pledged to send over the rare cuneiform cylinder in exchange for Iran's ample contributions to previous shows


Exhibition of Iranian antiquities to be held at the Louvre in 2013

Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation will supervise preparations

“Every society has its taboos”: Interview with Farhad Moshiri

The Middle Eastern contemporary artist discusses the state of the art market, his commercial success, and what it’s like to work in Iran


Iran's Saba Cultural Institute announces Russian Orthodox icons show

The news comes as unexpected due to suppression of religion freedom in the nation


Niavaran Palace Museum mounts Chagall show in defiance of Iranian regime

Exhibition of Jewish artist’s work challenges official stance on Israel


How Sami-Azar, head of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art, has been the mediator that Iranian artists yearned for

With the view that creative outlet precedes change, Sami-Azar has begun to thaw segregationist policies that bar Iranian artists from international acclaim


Iran returns war booty to Kuwait

The works were seized in 1999 in western Iran, near the Turkish border

Looted tombstone from Jiroft returned to Iran following its seizure by London police

After the tomb was discovered, Iran's Ministry of Culture were unable to prevent civilians from systematically emptying them of artefacts, which were then shipped overseas


Director of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art on how artistic collaboration can bring Iran and the UK closer

An upcoming show of British contemporary sculpture could be the start of a productive cultural dialogue between Iran and the UK


"Modernism and Post-Modernism" conference in Teheran at the Museum of Contemporary Art the result of President Khatami's influence

The Art Newspaper speaks to the museum's director Sami Azar about how a more progressive government brought about Iran's increasing acceptance of Western ideas