Yayoi Kusama


Sotheby's launches first fine art Sealed auction without reserve

Yayoi Kusama's "Phantom Polka Dots of Fate, Ordained by Heaven, Were the Greatest Gift Ever for Me" to be sold by Sealed Auctions and on view in Sotheby’s New Bond Street Galleries. Success of Sealed Auctions has led to an expansion into fine art

By Max Moore. SVP, Head of Sealed Sales, Global Fine Art
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Yayoi Kusama London summer bonanza with new Elizabeth Line work and a Royal Parks pumpkin sculpture

A new Infinity Room will also go on show at Victoria Miro gallery in the autumn

Good Spirit: Rachel Verghis is the creative force behind a small-batch gin that’s keeping the art world topped up

The collector, patron and entrepreneur serves her MarGin brand at art fairs, galleries and her London home

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Manchester's £242m Aviva Studios officially opens with Matrix-inspired extravaganza

The performance, a collaboration between the director Danny Boyle, the artist Es Devlin and others, marked the culmination of a process during which costs have spiralled

Brazil’s Inhotim Institute opens dedicated Yayoi Kusama gallery

The permanent pavilion includes two of the Japanese artist’s beloved installations


Yayoi Kusama's moving song about depression screened in Manchester

You, Me and the Balloons exhibition dazzles with giant dolls, tendrilled landscapes and comfy furniture


A Kusama installation fails to inspire wonder in Chicago

An immersive work by the beloved Japanese artist at Chicago’s WNDR Museum disappoints


A message from Yayoi Kusama: ‘Let Us Sing Together a Song from the Heart of the Universe!’

Japanese artist issues upbeat missive to coincide with New York show featuring new Infinity Mirror Room


Free tickets for Yayoi Kusama M+ show get students talking about mental health

Kusama has lived as a voluntary resident at a mental health hospital in Tokyo for more than four decades

Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton: the enduring allure of art and luxury

Plus, Michael Rakowitz's ambitious restitution plans and Rosy Martin's photographical iconostasis

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Kusama and Louis Vuitton: Who is signing on the (polka) dotted line for artist's mega-brand deals?

Yayoi's signature style is currently adorning 400 objects in a collaboration with the French luxury fashion house—but it is not clear how involved she is

Yayoi Kusamainterview

‘I never run out of ideas’: an interview with Yayoi Kusama and highlights from her new catalogue

The artist, who is now in her 90s and voluntarily living in a psychiatric hospital, has a major retrospective under way in Hong Kong

Yayoi Kusama and Kiki Smith’s massive mosaic murals for new Manhattan train station revealed

The artists’ vast new works adorn the Grand Central Madison terminal, which opens to the public later this month

A giant inflatable Koons, a desert mirror illusion and a giant football goal: seven of the best new sculptures in Qatar

On display from the airport to the desert, the public art commissions have been installed in time for the World Cup this month

Yayoi Kusama and Kiki Smith to create giant mosaics for new Manhattan train station

The 700,000 sq. ft Grand Central Madison, being built beneath Grand Central Terminal, will be home to permanent installations by the renowned artists

Typhoon-battered Yayoi Kusama pumpkin goes back on display in Japan

Artist’s huge sculpture at Benesse Art Site Naoshima has been restored after being severely damaged last year

A Danny Boyle dance show inspired by The Matrix and an inflatable Kusama room: Manchester's new art space set to open next year

Factory International is over budget and four years late, but will create 1,500 new jobs and inject a projected £1.1bn into the city's economy over the next decade, city council say

London visitors invited to go dotty with Yayoi Kusama in her Obliteration Room this summer at Tate

Meanwhile M+ museum in Hong Kong will launch retrospective of 93-year-old Japanese artist

Phillips racks up a record $225m in New York—with Basquiat alone bringing in $85m

Women accounted for nearly half of the lots, led by Yayoi Kusama and her early Infinity Net paining which sold for a record $10.5m

'We have collected the parts': owners of Kusama's typhoon-battered pumpkin in Japan plan to restore it

Artist's huge sculpture at Benesse Art Site Naoshima was "severely damaged" when it was washed out to sea during stormy weather earlier this week

Former dealer Angela Gulbenkian is sentenced to three and a half years for defrauding art clients

Charges involved sale of a £1.1m Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture that was never delivered and the theft of £50,000 that a friend had given her to invest

German socialite Angela Gulbenkian pleads guilty to theft in London court

The charges against her stemmed from the fraudulent sale of a £1.1m Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture to a Hong Kong collector, while a similar claim against her over a Warhol portrait remains in German court

Spotty performance for unseen Yayoi Kusama paintings at Bonhams New York—but works on paper soar off the block

Pieces came from the collection of late New York heart surgeon who befriended the artist in the 1960s

Top shows to see in New York during Frieze week

From Eva Hesse and Hannah Wilke at Acquavella Galleries to Deana Lawson at the Guggenheim


Kusama-rama: Yayoi exhibitions open in London, New York and Berlin

We take a deep dive into the Japanese artist's polka dots, pumpkins and infinity rooms as major shows open at Tate Modern, Gropius Bau and the New York Botanical Garden

German parliament’s “emergency brake” closes Kusama show, threatens Gallery Weekend

Measures to counter the third wave of the pandemic force museums in high-incidence areas to close

Three exhibitions to see in New York this weekend

From Yayoi Kusama in the Bronx to Alex Da Corte's Big Bird on the Met Roof