Media & broadcast

BBC Four—UK's specialist arts TV channel—saved from the chop

Critics say new strategy means station will become a home for repeats with less investment in arts programming

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry's teddy bear comforted him through measles as a child—here's how it inspired his art too

The artist's new TV series Grayson’s Art Club begins tonight in the UK on Channel 4

Video, film & new media

When will the art TV binge begin? Platforms like Netflix and Amazon are slow to show original cultural content

Streaming services have changed the way we watch television, but while they feature plenty of arts programming, there are few new commissions

Decorative arts

BBC and V&A collaborate on decorative arts programme

“Handmade in Britain”


Drawing in the age of the pickled shark: BBC's new programme on drawing from the Renaissance to today

Surgeons and contemporary artists are still inspired by the draughtsmanship of Leonardo and Turner

Interior design

A dealer is offering to mount high-tech plasma TVs in 19th- and 20th-century frames

For the collector who has everything


Television Guide: Athens '04 Olympics sparks Elgin marbles documentary and The Art Show sheds light on the collector's perspective

The BBC asks whether Lord Elgin's actions could be justified as the spotlight on the Greeks rekindles the Elgin marbles debate, and Channel 4 programme has dealers weigh in on the state of the art market

Victoria & Albert Museum

The UK arts minister on creativity without cash, and the Victoria and Albert Museum’s splendid exhibition of late medieval art

Excellence? Access? Go to “Gothic”

Leonardo da Vinci

Arts in broadcasting and television: Leonardo on BBC 3

Four million viewers tuned in to Alan Yentob’s three-part series on the wonders of Da Vinci


Judith Bumpus on the launch of the BBC’s new digital arts channel BBC4

Here’s hoping that they keep their trousers

Andy Warhol

Television Guide: Mario Testino's marriage of glamour and individual identity, Warhol's multi-faceted career, and Philip Lorca diCorcia's submission for the Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize

The Art Newspaper reviews the "Mario Testino, Diana's favourite photographer" (BBC), "Andy Warhol: the complete picture" and the Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize 2002 (Channel 4)


Art in the Media: Norman Foster’s renovated Reichstag, Andy Warhol on video and CNN's The ArtClub comes to London

Air-raising adventures in Berlin, the mythology of Andy Warhol on screen, and The ArtClub hitting its stride at London visual art events