Rachel Corbett

Why should collectors get all the breaks?

Artists seek similar tax incentives for donating works to museums and auctions


New York design dealer branches out into contemporary art

Albertz Benda, a new 2,000 sq. ft space, to focus on emerging and mid-career artists

Hoteliers become curators as reproductions create market niche

Trend towards licensing works for use in the hospitality industry can offer a new income stream for artists

Fear of censorship fuels debate over cash from oil industry

Companies accused of dictating museums’ programmes in return for support


New culture war takes root in US as major news outlet censors art

Artists say they are under pressure to tone down their work after Associated Press removes images of controversial pieces

Jeff Koonsarchive

Koons at cutting edge with giant stone mills: The techniques behind his creations

Koons' sculptures may look like child's play, but behind the play-doh is a long and complicated process


Warhol to be studied in medical school

The initiative aims to help doctors improve their observation skills

Art marketarchive

New York family at war in legal dispute over sale of multi-million-dollar Reinhardt

Court told that abstract work said to be of “no value” was resold for up to $10m just months later at Art Basel


Larry Warsh explores buyers’ behaviour in new book

The avid collector is trying to understand why acquiring art can be such a compulsion

Art marketarchive

‘Poor door’ opens to let in new collectors as galleries reach out to a wider market with souvenirs and branding

From limited-edition works to T-shirts and tote bags, galleries are diversifying to suit the market

US groups urge fast broadband for all as online plans threaten access to art

Proposed “two-tier” internet could leave artists with inadequate technology, while wealthy content providers get super-fast connections

Tate unveils Turner Prize shortlist

Three are graduates of the Glasgow School of Art

Art Baselarchive

Art Basel follows Frieze’s lead with display covering art-historical endeavours

Survey, which will debut at Art Basel Miami Beach, uses Frieze Masters as its template


Paintings by women, paintings of women

Record sales for women artists at Christie's

Silicon Valley tech companies take novel approaches to art investment

Silicon Valley’s success stories are applying their non-corporate ethos to art investment, finding innovative ways of building their collections

Dealers circle Basquiat’s estate

There are “all kinds of rumours swirling” around the estate of the graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

US could stop artists using drones

New regulations may restrict the use of surveillance technology in their work