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Why has the Tate still not claimed for its stolen Freud?

Although it was covered by British government indemnity, the painting’s value remains unclaimed since its 1988 theft

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Indonesian antiquities thefts show no sign of abating

Fakes left in place of stolen artefacts in elaborate webs of deceit


Collector Richard Weisman calls off the hunt for stolen Warhols

Owner cancels reward for his missing set, citing problems with his insurer

Hermitage Leonardo bust taken hostage in restorer's cash dispute

The kidnapped statue has now been returned to the museum

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Martin Lawrence Galleries files suit to claim stolen Warhol

Jason Beltrez claims it was a flea market find while Christie's is stuck in the middle

Buccleuch family Leonardo found

Ninth Duke did not live to see his painting returned

London: Stolen and recovered by the V&A

William Etty painting recovered a week after theft

Stolen art discovered in reclusive collector’s estate

Christie’s and the Stair Galleries both cancelled sales as a result

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Warring New York dealers guilty of tax evasion

Court orders Helen Fioratti and James Sansum to repay huge sums

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US colonel to lead antiquities anti-theft unit

Bogdanos attacks “cozy cabal of academics, dealers and collectors” who ignore provenance

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Appeal over Peter Brant ownership of Warhol

Ms Lindholm has been attempting to regain Warhol's Red Elvis since 2000

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Court finds Peter Brant really does own Warhol’s Red Elvis

The decision ends a dispute that started in 2000

Third theft at V&A forces closure of 38 rooms

In the latest incident, eight Italian Renaissance plaquettes worth £500,000 were taken

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John Dee’s crystal among a spate of London museum thefts

The V&A, the British Museum and Science Museum have all been targets


Tate asks permission to spend £15 million from stolen Turner paintings

The windfall from Tate's insurance claim may shortly be spent


US Customs art squad reassigned to war on terror

The agents who had investigated stolen art will now work on cases related to terrorism and fraud

£100,000 reward for Leonardo’s Madonna stolen in Scotland

The Duke of Buccleuch's disputed masterpiece has yet to be found

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Johnny Eskenazi on the cultural casualties of the Afghan war: An evening with Kalashnikovs and the Begram ivories

In 1996, the art dealer and scholar was taken secretly to the house of a Pakistani politician where he saw one of the greatest treasures from the Kabul Museum

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Art dealer Adam Williams found guilty after 11 years of litigation

Williams will not appeal French court decision, citing health reasons

Freud ramps up efforts to find Bacon portrait stolen in Berlin

A poster campaign has been launched to recover the work which disappeared from the Neue Nationalgalerie

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Thefts from UK national museums. Question in Parliament uncovers extensive losses

13 paintings from the National Maritime Museum, a £100,000 chest from the British Museum, and a Burne-Jones panel from the V&A are some of the items stolen

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Art and archaeology falls casualty to the Chechen war

The collections of two museums in Grozny have disappeared and the region’s distinctive stone towers are caught in the crossfire


Interview with Guita Abidari on the Art Loss Register

Their director of marketing talks on the database against crime

Tate Turner thieves convicted

Unrecovered paintings stolen in Frankfurt, 1994.