A good catch: The Mackerels now looks set to be authenticated as a genuine Van Gogh

The still life in Switzerland’s Reinhart collection was dismissed as a forgery

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Thanks to a doodle, experts now say unattributed painting is by Botticelli

The Madonna and Child at National Museum Cardiff was believed to be a copy

'Kitchen Cimabue' sells for €24.1m

Rediscovered painting, found in a French house clearance, is the first work by the 13th century Florentine artist to be sold at auction in living memory

Salvator Mundi nearly made it to the Louvre exhibition, and might still be included

We can also reveal that the $450m painting is described in the latest insurance documents as “attributed to” Leonardo rather than as a definitive autograph work

Met's “Riverbank” row rages over attribution debate

Experts prepare to fight it out at the Metropolitan as the painting bought from artist-collector C.C. Wang goes on display

'New' Artemisia Gentileschi to be auctioned in Paris

Painting of Lucretia has been in a private collection in Lyon for the past 40 years and is estimated to sell for over €600,000

Is this $30m portrait the 'last Botticelli'?

Painting will be exhibited at Frieze Masters next month, after a "style of Botticelli" sleeper sold for over £6m at Zurich auction in June

Hidden number discovered in conservation helps reveal painting is from Titian's workshop

Part of the Wellington Collection in London, the picture was originally believed to be by a minor north Italian artist


Family claims quarter share of disputed Isleworth Mona Lisa

The painting, long the subject of an attribution dispute, is now at the centre of a legal conflict over ownership

Does a Minnesota college own a portrait by Edvard Munch?

Scientific evidence points to St Olaf College’s Portrait of Eva Mudocci being the real deal, but scholars of the artist’s work are reserving judgement

Another new Leonardo is a reason to be cheerful

The Virgin and Laughing Child was recently re-attributed as the artist's “only surviving sculpture”

Attic to auction: a timeline of the 'Lost Caravaggio'

The painting, thought to be the second version of the Baroque artist’s Judith Beheading Holofernes will be auctioned this June with an estimate of £86m-£129m

'Canaletto' that was downgraded to £150 now identified as by Michele Marieschi

Painting, which hung on the wall of a Suffolk church, will be sold at Tefaf this year

Former politician questions authenticity of Khnopff sculpture

Marie-Paule Quix says work is by Giorgio Ceragioli not the symbolist Belgian painter

Is Leonardo da Vinci's only sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Museum?

Italian scholar says terracotta statuette, currently attributed to Antonio Rossellino, is actually by the 15th-century master

French state rejects painting with controversial Caravaggio attribution that was found in an attic

Now the export ban has been lifted, the work may go on the market after restoration

Art marketcomment

Art authentication is not an exact science

The process of art attribution has come under attack, with forgery scandals rampant

Houston museum reattributes painting to Velázquez

After conservation effort, Museum of Fine Arts decides its hunch was correct

Sotheby’s withdraws painting that Pierre Bergé ‘maintained was by Manet’

The work was one of 18 to have been placed under a court order following a financial dispute unrelated to the auction

Leiden Collection shows off two ‘new’ Rembrandts in Amsterdam

Rediscovered portraits are due to travel to Louvre Abu Dhabi in early 2019

Italian museum discovers painting by Renaissance master Andrea Mantegna in its collection

The Accademia Carrara in Bergamo has re-attributed the 15th-century work Resurrection of Christ

One of Pope’s favourite paintings is looking refreshed after restoration

Icon’s first major intervention since 1931 brings back original colours

National Gallery in London accused of altering attribution of Hermitage's 'Leonardo' for 2011 blockbuster show

Leading scholar says gallery's own curators believed Madonna Litta to be by Boltraffio, a pupil of the master

A new Leonardo? Scholarly show claims to reveal master’s hand

Worcester Art Museum argues for reattribution of altarpiece panels by Verrocchio’s workshop

A proposal on attribution: Jonathan Brown on Velázquez portraits at the Metropolitan

The art historian suggests that Velázquez's former slave may have painted two works in the show

ARCHIVE: Unauthenticated Bacon works on sale in London

Herrick Gallery is marketing two pastels and eight drawings said to be by the Irish-born artist

Expert claims painting uncovered in a Toulouse attic is by Caravaggio

If it turns out to be real, it would be the biggest discovery of the artist’s work in almost 25 years

Prado responds to Bosch downgrades by cancelling Dutch loans

Madrid museum still allows The Haywain to be centrepiece of blockbuster show in artist’s home town

Kansas City museum's painting attributed to Hieronymus Bosch

Temptation of St Anthony in the Nelson-Atkins Museum was believed to be by a pupil of the great Dutch artist


Owner of purported Monet loses case in French court

Work featured on BBC’s Fake or Fortune programme in 2011