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Art authentication is not an exact science

The process of art attribution has come under attack, with forgery scandals rampant

Houston museum reattributes painting to Velázquez

After conservation effort, Museum of Fine Arts decides its hunch was correct

Sotheby’s withdraws painting that Pierre Bergé ‘maintained was by Manet’

The work was one of 18 to have been placed under a court order following a financial dispute unrelated to the auction

Leiden Collection shows off two ‘new’ Rembrandts in Amsterdam

Rediscovered portraits are due to travel to Louvre Abu Dhabi in early 2019

Italian museum discovers painting by Renaissance master Andrea Mantegna in its collection

The Accademia Carrara in Bergamo has re-attributed the 15th-century work Resurrection of Christ

One of Pope’s favourite paintings is looking refreshed after restoration

Icon’s first major intervention since 1931 brings back original colours

National Gallery in London accused of altering attribution of Hermitage's 'Leonardo' for 2011 blockbuster show

Leading scholar says gallery's own curators believed Madonna Litta to be by Boltraffio, a pupil of the master

A new Leonardo? Scholarly show claims to reveal master’s hand

Worcester Art Museum argues for reattribution of altarpiece panels by Verrocchio’s workshop

A proposal on attribution: Jonathan Brown on Velázquez portraits at the Metropolitan

The art historian suggests that Velázquez's former slave may have painted two works in the show

ARCHIVE: Unauthenticated Bacon works on sale in London

Herrick Gallery is marketing two pastels and eight drawings said to be by the Irish-born artist

Expert claims painting uncovered in a Toulouse attic is by Caravaggio

If it turns out to be real, it would be the biggest discovery of the artist’s work in almost 25 years

Prado responds to Bosch downgrades by cancelling Dutch loans

Madrid museum still allows The Haywain to be centrepiece of blockbuster show in artist’s home town

Kansas City museum's painting attributed to Hieronymus Bosch

Temptation of St Anthony in the Nelson-Atkins Museum was believed to be by a pupil of the great Dutch artist


Owner of purported Monet loses case in French court

Work featured on BBC’s Fake or Fortune programme in 2011

The story behind the reattributed drawing by Hieronymus Bosch

Project to mark 500th anniversary of artist’s death upgrades Infernal Landscape to an authentic work

Williamsburg street art is Phil Frost, not Basquiat

As the appreciation of street art rises (as do its prices), attribution becomes critical

Salvator Mundi Leonardo attribution: it’s all in the hand of the master

Proof of changes to the composition increases scholarly support

Dickinson to sue Luxembourg Art over Leonardo drawing

Fallout from Leonardo case sees London dealers locked in legal dispute

Mystery over who made the “Francis Bacon” rugs

New research poses more questions than answers over possible attributions for items that were withdrawn from March sale

Is this a Holbein? The market will decide at Maastricht next month

Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota says no, but the director of the Berlin Gemäldegalerie, among others, believes it is


Sotheby’s Holbein will not be included in Tate show

Neither will the National Gallery’s Ambassadors which was judged too fragile to travel across London

Fakes and forgeries at the Appraisers conference

“Trompe l’oeil: to fool the eye and to challenge the appraiser” is on in New York

Bank debtors’ Van Gogh withdrawn as fake

While there is some support for its attribution, doubt still lingers