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Dealers named in Giacometti fraud case sentenced to two years' imprisonment as over 1,150 sculptures of dubious provenance surface

However, the two chief defendants must wait until all evidence has been seen before the verdict can be given

'Jesuit priest' donates fraudulent works

Academic museums and universities are being targeted by a suspected art forger

The source of infamous forger Van Meegeren’s secret supplies exposed

A Scotland Yard report shows that the notorious Dutch faker bought lapis lazuli paint for his “Vermeers” in bulk from Winsor & Newton


Australian forgeries to be destroyed

Fakes were purported to be by Charles Blackman and Robert Dickerson


Early copy of the Gospel of Mark is a forgery

US scholars, conservators and scientists collaborate to prove that a “14th-century manuscript” is a skilled fake


Farewell to forgeries: The V&A’s Fakes Gallery to close

The V&A’s guidebook used to describe the Fakes Gallery as one of its “most diverse, intriguing and entertaining” displays.

'Spanish Forger' miniatures bought by V&A

Scholars no nearer to finding the faker’s identity


New York- and Miami-based dealer Giuseppe Concepcion accused over multiple forgeries

Concepcion is alleged to have sold fake Matisses and Calders among others, complete with forged certificates of authenticity

Design forgery ring uncovered in France

A Parisian artist produced fake 20th-century classics by Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Alexandre Noll and Pierre Chareau


Can past nuclear explosions help detect forgeries?

The inventors of a new technique for dating paintings say it can prove whether a work was made before or after 1945


Another Banksy print fraud comes to light

The publisher of the artist’s works on paper issues warning over forgeries


Terracotta warriors on display in Hamburg deemed fake by Chinese authorities

Problems with their export and provenance seem to indicate the warriors are not quite what they seem

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“Fake” Picasso is warning to make deals formal

Court to rule on payment “held in trust”

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Warhol Brillo boxes could be fake

Allegations circulate that curator Pontus Hultén created unauthorised replicas


Photographer Peter Beard sues over forgeries at Sotheby’s

“Crude and brazen forgeries” of the artist's work are popping up in the market


Russian art dealers released after a year in jail without trial

Couple claim that forgery accusations were the result of a property deal gone sour

Police search Montparnasse Museum in Modigliani fakes investigation

Up to 1,000 forged works are circulating on the market, says expert


Auction house faking incident spooks growing Hungarian art market

A leading collector believes many bogus works are circulating

Fake art: “Criminality in the Russian art market has reached alarming levels”

Tretyakov curator speaks out and admits being taken in by forgers


Five men charged in Jerusalem forgery case

They stand accused of faking an inscription on an antiquity for financial gain

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Warning about fairy paintings as fakes appear on the market

Forgeries inspired by the burgeoning popularity of the genre are becoming increasingly problematic


Delacroix fraud warning from catalogue raisonné author

Lee Johnson advises that false documentation bearing his name is being circulated


Jakarta auction proves to be “An insult to forgery”

Indonesia is a big country and everything about it is larger-than-life; its despots, its riots and, apparently, its art frauds


Spanish art forgery network busted

Arrests followed an investigation sparked by the concerns of the Joan Miró Foundation

Ming and Qing Chinese ceramics: A flood of fakes from Jingdezhen

Forgers reportedly work to order from Sotheby’s catalogues