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Shinwa auction house plans expansion into Impressionist market

Leading “open” auction house seeks financing, wants to sell major paintings

What's on in New York: Degas, Dow and Diego

Also on show are pastel landscapes at Artemis and high-tech furniture at Barry Friedman

Tutu wars: Wardrobe malfunctions for Degas' "Little Dancer" as institutions search for the real deal

Research reassess the dingy mini-skirt usually seen on editions of the work. Does the answer lie in Nebraska?

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A river runs through it: Hanging around in New York, a monthly guide by Brook S. Mason.

Impressionist painters on the Seine at Wildenstein, the Gilded Age glows at Vance Jordan, exoticism at Mark Murray plus fine furniture and Picasso’s lino cuts


Ernst Beyeler’s museum opens

One of the world’s greatest collections of modern Impressionist and post-Impressionist art goes on view this month in a $37 million building by Renzo Piano


Books: Edward Lucie-Smith and the visual arts in the twentieth century

This survey covers everything from Impressionism to Damien Hirst. Have we moved from uniformity to diversity or to post-modern incoherence?

The Greeks on display in Venice and hidden war booty at the Hermitage

Palazzo Grassi's “Greeks in the West” exhibition is pulling in the visitors

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London Impressionist and Modern sales: Yes, it’s good, but will it last?

Picasso, Matisse, Miró and Dalí suggest that great works of art continue to command great prices in changing markets

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Where is the real Van Gogh’s “White House at Night”?

Fears are growing that the version in the St Petersburg is a replica

William S. Paley’s remarkable collection revealed in exhibition at MoMA

Bequest of modern paintings and sculpture to tour American cities

The collector who ushered the Impressionists into the Louvre

A collection of works donated to the nation by Etienne Moreau-Nélaton on display at the Grand Palais