Interview with artist Richard Wilson: The topsy-turvy tendency

These works of art take a global perspective and are literally geologically based

Interview with Mat Collishaw: Nappy change for art

Disillusioned and sick of heavy-handed art that tries to shock, the artist has now turned to kitsch and sentimental themes

Interview with Pierre Huyghe: Where fact and fiction meet

A bank robbery and its portrayal in the film “Dog Day Afternoon” are the materials used by Huyghe to explore how fantasy shapes memory

Interview with Karen Kilimnik on her open-ended eclecticism

Appropriation, whimsy, balletomania, and anglophilia all go into Kilimnik’s installations

Battle to save Joseph Beuys wallcovering at Landesmuseum

Debate over whether it constitutes part of the original “Block Beuys” installation

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The American artist, forty-three, represents the US at the Venice Biennale this year

Books: Caroline Tisdall's new book is the way to go on anything Beuys

This substantial volume, predominantly photographic, is the comprehensive account of Joseph Beuys’s life and work


Major Greek collector Dakis Joannou reveals ten years’ worth of buying for the first time in 'Everything That's Interesting is New'

Joannou's collection, which is particularly strong in installations and large scale work, can be seen in the Athens School of Fine Arts


Tate makes space for the cutting edge as 'Art Now' opens for contemporary art

An installation by Matthew Barney inaugurates a programme of innovative contemporary art long planned by Serota

Americans hop on the Beuys bandwagon with MoMA exhibition as the artist's reputation takes off

The growing interest is further indicated by the Walker Art Center’s major acquisition