Iran loses UK court battle over Persepolis fragment

Iranian lawyers argued that any rights to the fifth-century bas-relief should be relinquished to its country of origin


Italian archaeologists arrive in Iran for citadel of Bam restoration project

The Italian government is giving financial assistance in the 2,000 year-old site's repair, after it was badly affected by an earthquake


Danish artists' group Parallel Action plans Iranian revolution via an appeal to the arts

With the Danish Arts Council's blessing, Thomas Altheimer and Nielsen will travel to the Middle East this autumn


Niavaran Palace Museum mounts Chagall show in defiance of Iranian regime

Exhibition of Jewish artist’s work challenges official stance on Israel


Victims of Hamas suicide bombers demand Iranian antiquities from US museums in compensation for injuries

Terrorist attacks in Jerusalem which killed five and injured hundreds were executed with funding from Iran—say plaintiffs in several lawsuits


Iran takes first step in reconstruction of Samarra mosque, a casualty of sectarian reprisals in Iraq

The shrine's restoration, which will be paid for by private sector investment, has been the subject of a deal brokered between ICHTO and the Iraqi Ministry of Culture


Iran sues Barakat Gallery for return of antiquities apparently looted from Jiroft

The gallery's owner makes no comment on artefacts' origins, but insists that all purchases were made legally


Iran takes out injunction to block Christie's sale of Palace of Xerxes relief fragment

Iran argues that the artefact was acquired through criminal means, although their failure to speak out when the fragment went to auction previously may undermine their case


Sami Azar reinstated as director of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art following protests by artists

“This is the only time in Iran that a cultural manager has been supported by artists like this”, he tells The Art Newspaper


How Sami-Azar, head of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art, has been the mediator that Iranian artists yearned for

With the view that creative outlet precedes change, Sami-Azar has begun to thaw segregationist policies that bar Iranian artists from international acclaim


Ali-Reza Sami Azar, director of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art, has stepped down

Whilst the motivation behind his departure is unexplained, his career, driven by his reformist values, has left its mark on Iranian culture


Archaeologists given more time to survey Iran's Bulaghi valley before dam waters cause it to submerge

Experts at the ancient site of Izeh in the Karun River valley have not been afforded the same privileges


Franco-Iranian accord decrees the two nations will collaborate in archaeological ventures

Two heads are better than one, as the question of how best to preserve historic ruins is yet to receive a definitive answer


Could the Bulaghi dam project be a blessing in disguise?

A modernisation project might just save an unearthed historical site in Iran that could one day prove to be invaluable to the study of the region.


36 arrested and 940 objects reclaimed as Iranian authorities apprehend antiquities smuggling ring

Iran has clamped down on illegal trade in antiquities, which has led to archaeological sites being promptly denuded post-discovery


National Museum of Iran exhibition to tour five Japanese cities

The costs of bringing "Iranian splendour" overseas will be covered by the Japanese royal family

Construction of dams in Iran submerges crucial archaeological sites

“To see this happen breaks my heart”, says archaeologist Dr Henry Wright

Iran sentences Jiroft smugglers to death

It is the first time that Iranian courts have issued a harsh punishment for the illicit exportation of goods from an archaeological site

How Britain tried to use the Cyrus Cylinder for political gain

As The British Museum prepares to loan the Cyrus Cylinder to Iran, The Art Newspaper remembers the Persian antiquity's first visit to its home nation in 1971

While Tehran and the West clash over Iran's nuclear programme, their museums keep communication diplomatic

The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago's decision to restitute a set of 300 ancient clays tablets to Iran is proof of strengthening ties


Iran offers to help Iraq protect its heritage

By expressing their wish to join an international cultural task force, Iran acknowledges the mutual cultural history that ties the two countries

Antiquities dealer arrested for smuggling Iranian artefact from raided archaeological site into US

Hicham Aboutaam sold the antiquity to a New York buyer for $950,000; the US says it is part of a the looted Western Cave hoard

The British Council releases its artistic programme for 2004

The international line-up includes projects in Libya, Iran, Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Looted tombstone from Jiroft returned to Iran following its seizure by London police

After the tomb was discovered, Iran's Ministry of Culture were unable to prevent civilians from systematically emptying them of artefacts, which were then shipped overseas


London and Paris markets flooded with Iranian antiquities looted from newly discovered site at Jiroft

Before police intervened, thousands of objects were plundered by locals and sold on to Europe


Director of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art on how artistic collaboration can bring Iran and the UK closer

An upcoming show of British contemporary sculpture could be the start of a productive cultural dialogue between Iran and the UK


New York's Asia Society hosts 'Hunt for paradise: Court arts of Iran, 1501-76. Asia Society'

The exhibition illustrates how monarchical patronage in the 15th century paved the way for an age of artistic accomplishment in Iran


British Museum’s Iran exhibition scheduled for 2005 after 2002 postponement

The successful procurement of these loans may be a sign of more collaborative projects to come between the British Museum and Iran