"Unedited History: Iran 1960-2014" at Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville will emphasise the survival of modernity in Iranian history

The exhibition will contain works by 24 artists, from three pivotal historical moments: 1960-70, the revolutionary era, and the post-war period

Western dealers push for trade sanctions against Iran to be repealed

Galleries and artists see improvement after temporary relaxations were implemented to discourage nuclear proliferation

British Museum expert says griffin returned to Iran is fake

Scepticism grows about confiscated silver vessel handed over by the US as an act of diplomacy


Possible US sanctions on Iran could create back door for commandeering of museum antiquities as damages

Persepolis tablets on loan to Chicago's Oriental Institute since the 1930s compromised in lawsuit brought by victims of Jerusalem suicide bombing


India's Devi Art Foundation debuts show exploring political unrest in Iran

More than 50 artists included are part of Anupam Poddar's collection


An interview with Anahita Razmi, winner of the Frieze Art Fair's Emdash Award '11

How a 12-screen video installation on show at Frieze was filmed despite Iran’s strict regime


Chicago courts refuse Israel suicide bombing victims request for seizure of antiquities from US museums

Iran was gratified by the ruling that a foreign state's property in the US is exempt from such inquiries


Robert Adanto's documentary "Pearls on the Ocean Floor" throws spotlight on Iran's revolutionary female artists

The women who go against the grain, featured at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

New York's Asia Society to unveil first US exhibition of pre-revolutionary modern Iranian art

Although Iranian art heavyweights made their reservations about the show clear, it will go on to tour North America

US museums receive surfeit of patronage for Islamic art collections

But Arab donors are in scarce supply, while Turks, Iranians and others spend freely

Interview with Shirin Neshat: “For Iranian artists, being silent is like taking the side of the demon”

As her debut movie, “Women Without Men”, screens in Basel, the artist explains that cinema is closer to her people


Indefatigable enthusiasm in Saeb Eigner's book "Art of the Middle East: Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World and Iran"

While one may not be familiar with some of the book's more niche digressions, Eigner's dexterity in referencing the ancient past never fails to impress


Discovery of fragment belonging to British Museum's Cyrus cylinder further defers loan to Iran

This development has done little to alleviate lingering tensions between Iran and Britain


Iran's hackles rise as British Museum hesitates in Cyrus Cylinder lease

The museum director has reassured Iran's vice president that the wait does not mean the loan has been called off

Frieze week schedule speaks of Iranian art surge in the West

Does a crop of major presentations coinciding with the art fair indicate a proportionate energy in the market?


British Museum will loan Cyrus Cylinder to Iran's National Museum

The British Museum pledged to send over the rare cuneiform cylinder in exchange for Iran's ample contributions to previous shows


Farjam Collection gallery opens at the Dubai International Financial Centre with Islamic art exhibition

Our first glimpse of plans for multiple museums laid out by the Iranian industrialist at Art Dubai '08


Exhibition of Iranian antiquities to be held at the Louvre in 2013

Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation will supervise preparations

Iran Foundation trustee found guilty of book theft from British Library and Oxford's Bodleian Library steps down from post

Farhad Hakimzadeh was given two years' imprisonment after it was learnt he had stolen volumes from the two UK institutions

Iranian artists triumph at Christie's Dubai as contemporary market hits its stride

Christie's '08 auction report sees the mediocre pushed aside to make way for big names

“Every society has its taboos”: Interview with Farhad Moshiri

The Middle Eastern contemporary artist discusses the state of the art market, his commercial success, and what it’s like to work in Iran

March 2008archive

Why the US military's proposal to dispose of Saddam Hussein’s Victory Monument is misguided

They represent good and bad aspects of Iraq’s modern history and cannot simply be obliterated


Former Iranian ambassador gives $2.8m to assist Texas's Museum of Fine Arts in pursuit of Islamic art

The director says that the collection will be the first of its kind in the region, catering to an emergent Muslim community


Iran's Saba Cultural Institute announces Russian Orthodox icons show

The news comes as unexpected due to suppression of religion freedom in the nation


A nostalgic journey for the Persian royal family at Art Basel '07

Emotional responses were elicited by Michael Stevenson and Andy Warhol

Hermitage nears conclusion of deal with Iran securing multiple joint exhibitions

The museum's director maintains that the agreement is no major coup

Iran loses case against Barakat Gallery ordering return of artefacts seemingly taken from Jiroft

UK courts ruled that Iran presented insufficient evidence to warrant the antiquities' reacquisition