Jean-Michel Basquiat

Crime archive

Found: paintings from the collection of Brazilian money launderer

A Léger and a Basquiat belonging to Edemar Cid Ferreira have been identified

Books: Basquiat from street artist to superstar

Banksy’s rise from street artist to gallery star, embraced by the commercial art world, is by no means unique

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Jablonka is running concurrent shows on two giants of the 20th century

Andy Warhol in Los Angeles

A number of small shows devoted to the artist have opened across the city

Warhol-Basquiat-Clemente collaborations come to Madrid

Centro de Arte Reina Sofía plays host to three big names on one canvas

Celebrity frisson: new Andy Warhol photographs

Photographs by the wigged Sphinx of Manhattan are published by his old dealer

What's on in London: Gwen John times two, with lots of unseen work

Fontana moves from Hayward exhibition to commercial gallery, Basquiat’s drawings come to the City and the centenary of the charming Ardizzone is celebrated

Construction-mania: Our choice of New York contemporary galleries

And a group of exhibitions, about Duchamp, Balthus and Basquiat, coincides with new art book releases this autumn

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Christie's Contemporary auction report: Basquiat as a pricing phenomenon

His record price may bolster the market, but not all artists surpassed expectations

Sao Paolo XXIII Biennale: A Biennale in search of magicians, new, old and semi-old

Bringing together Picasso and Kapoor, Louise Bourgeois and Basquiat, Lam and the new Latin Americans, Jean-Hubert Martin and Achille Bonito Oliva


Art on Screen from “Lust for Life” to “I Shot Andy Warhol”

David D’Arcy reviews the rash of films about art and artists now being made in the US

The Serpentine asks how good was Jean-Michel Basquiat, really?

The artist's complicated oeuvre makes it hard to judge if some works are forged - or if instead he was just having an off day

First American Basquiat retrospective to be held at the Whitney

Whitney director, David Ross, gambles on his political correctness

Basquiat’s dealer disappears pursued by creditors

Baghoomian vanishes while Basquiat paintings remain missing


Will the upcoming Warhol biopic be another casualty of art films' tendency to alienate audiences?

The artist's life story will soon be a minor motion picture, but cinema-goers could be disenchanted with such dramatisations