Leonardo da Vinci

How to identify a wreck

Better public understanding of condition requires greater access to digital images

We acquired Leonardo's Salvator Mundi, Abu Dhabi says

Announcement appears to contradict earlier reports linking purchase to Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince launches institute to promote art in the Middle East

Recently identified buyer of Leonardo's Salvator Mundi is planning a pavilion at the Venice Biennale, art teaching in schools, international exhibitions, archaeology and virtual reality

What does a $450m Leonardo mean for the Old Master market?

Slick marketing produced stupendous sale price for Salvator Mundi, but it sparked revulsion as well as elation

Bill Gates to send his Leonardo manuscript to the Uffizi

Codex Leicester will go on show in Florence for the first time in almost four decades

Was a 'double-bind guarantee' behind the $450m Leonardo sale?

Rumour mill has gone into overdrive over record-breaking auction

Former Met director sparks Instagram spat over $450m Leonardo da Vinci

Thomas Campbell posted an image of the Salvator Mundi before conservation, triggering a row with its former co-owner Robert Simon and Christie’s Loic Gouzer


Podcast episode nine: $450m! The Leonardo breaks all records

How the art sale of the century happened, with Judd Tully, our man in the salesroom. Plus, a new museum in Indonesia

Hosted by Ben Luke, Judd Tully and Lisa Movius. Produced by Julia Michalska and David Clack

Analysis: Christie's postwar and contemporary auction nets $785.9m, with a big assist from an Old Master

Despite buy-ins, the sale saw several strong prices and records below the dizzy height of $450.3m for Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi

Leonardo marketed as a rock star ahead of Salvator Mundi sale

Painting is being presented by Christie’s as the “Holy Grail of Old Master paintings”

Christie's releases condition report on Leonardo's Salvator Mundi

Pre-auction assessment offers evidence that painting is original Leonardo but also reveals problems posed by painting’s wooden panel

From £45 to $100m: Leonardo heads to New York

Salvator Mundi will break Old Master auction record as seller dispute rumbles on

Uffizi draws the line at Leonardo loan request for Milan Expo show

Milan’s mayor fails to drag Italian minister of culture into row

Leonardo lost to view: Rediscovered masterpiece remains in private hands

Salvator Mundi has been sold to a collector, months after Dallas Museum of Art made a similar offer

Louvre Abu Dhabi to open with a Leonardo?

The artist's La Belle Ferronnière is the subject of loan discussions

Leonardo copy undergoes restoration at Musée National de la Renaissance

A little-known copy of Leonardo’s The Last Supper by Marco d’Oggiono will get a thorough clean

What now for the £45 Da Vinci: Salvator Mundi is still up for grabs as Dallas fails to buy

Dallas museum could not raise $100m to buy the authenticated Leonardo, until recently believed to be a mediocre copy

Uffizi-Tokyo Da Vinci deal

The Uffizi in Florence and the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum will share Leonardo’s Tavola Doria

Books: Isabella d’Este's hunt for a Leonardo painting

Isabella d’Este was not satisfied with an objet d’art and a drawing; she was determined to have Leonardo da Vinci paint her portrait

Elusive smile, elusive artist: is this really by Leonardo?

Despite a lavish, 300-page book and a high-profile presentation, strong doubts remain

A tale of two ladies

Investigators sit neatly on the fence

Portrait attributed to Leonardo in desperate condition

Possible self-portrait needs urgent treatment for mould and bacteria

Oxford to return RA’s copy of The Last Supper

The copy by Leonardo's student is the most faithful extant work

Louvre’s Leonardo conservation plan leads to resignation

Fears it will affect the sfumato of the piece are growing