Mental health

Australian War Memorial seeks to offer ‘hope and healing’ at time of rising military suicides

Artist Alex Seton has created a series of marble “droplets” that will wear in places over time as they are touched

Van Gogh painted his lyrical Almond Blossom to herald the coming of spring

This picture was given to hang above his two-week-old nephew’s crib—and later survived raucous pillow fights

The global mental health crisis: Wellcome Trust launches international science and art project to help people cope

Mindscape initiative is a programme of residencies and exhibitions in museums across the world that explore psychological wellbeing post-pandemic

Making fun of mental health? Van Gogh ‘earaser’ and ‘tortured artist’ soap removed from Courtauld gift shop

London gallery says it never meant to "present an insensitive or dismissive attitude" to mental health issues

Art campaign shows the many sides of mental illness

The Florida-based artist Ian Woods has created layered portraits of mental health advocates

‘Mirror pandemic’: art’s vital role in tackling the mental health crisis

A multi-agency $15m initiative backed by the WHO and funded through a series of charity auctions at Christie’s will support artist-led projects to improve mental, social and environmental health

World Health Organization joins art world to launch global campaign confronting mental health toll of pandemic

Year-long series of Healing Arts auctions and events aims to support mental health treatment and recovery in the wake of Covid-19

Did alcohol withdrawal really cause Van Gogh’s mental crises?

Vincent was allowed 42 units of wine in the asylum—three times more than today’s recommended limit

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Post-election mental health and wellness events at US museums and galleries

A guide to in-person and online programmes that offer some mental and emotional relief this week

In wake of murder-suicide, artists speak out over a lack of mental-health provision in the art industry

"A lot of people suffer in silence and behind closed doors," an anonymous artist says following the deaths of Saul Fletcher and Rebeccah Blum

Artists including Anish Kapoor design posters to raise funds for patients in NHS mental health units

The charity Hospital Rooms is releasing six limited edition posters for sale for £50