Russian Avant-Garde

French authorities seize Russian avant-garde paintings believed stolen

The haul includes works purportedly by Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich and Natalia Goncharova

Sanctions leave 'dozens' of Russian paintings stranded in South Korea

At least four Russian institutions are thought to have loaned the works, including the Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum and the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts


Russian guard who doodled on $1m painting speaks out: ‘I’m a fool, what have I done!’

The 63-year-old injured war veteran spoke to Russian news outlet E1, which describes the incident as a tragedy not a comedy

Original or fake? Museum Ludwig puts its Russian avant-garde art to the test

New exhibition reveals 22 falsely attributed works discovered in German museum's collection

Cache of Russian avant-garde works surfaces in regional museum's basement

Art historian Andrey Sarabyanov is planning a new exhibition of forgotten pieces by Kandinsky, Rodchenko and Stepanova

British dealer James Butterwick cleared of defamation for describing Russian Avant-garde works in Mantua exhibition as fake

Italian judge said his opinion of the 2013 show was based on his “proven and recognised competence and experience”

Uzbekistan's Nukus Museum names new director

Former Roerich Museum director Tigran Mkrtychev wins international competition to head up the famed Russian avant-garde collection long embroiled in controversy

Uzbekistan’s troubled Nukus Museum embroiled in new row

Museum seeks fourth director in as many years amid claims its renowned avant-garde collection is being “mistreated”

Restored Soviet apartment listed on Airbnb takes guests back in time to ‘1930s Russian utopia’

The 35m sq. one-bedroom flat has been carefully renovated to include avant-garde furniture and design

Niko Pirosmani: the ‘vagabond’ who inspired the Russian avant-garde

The self-taught artist, whose work commands surprisingly high prices at auction, is the subject of an exhibition at Vienna's Albertina museum

Russia announces major Kandinsky show in Saudi Arabia amid Khashoggi murder controversy

A small number of works by the Russian avant-garde artist are currently at “Davos in the Desert” conference to act as teaser for future exhibition

Ghent museum director under fire from Flemish museums

Catherine de Zegher faces fresh criticism after staging show of dubious Russian avant-garde works

Russian art critics challenge director of Ghent museum over show of dubious Russian avant-garde works

De Standaard newspaper reports that the contract allowed any piece in the display to be sold

Artists who made it a family affair: Madrid, Frankfurt, and Philadelphia explore the creative exploits of collaborative families

Kobro and Strzeminski, Bernd and Hilla Becher, and Pierre-Auguste and Jean Renoir's relationships are each subject to in-depth review

Disputes in Russia concerning the authenticity of many works attributed to Malevich circulating the Russian art market

As a major Malevich show opens in London, claims grow that the avant-garde market is still plagued by the fakes

It's complicated: Tate on Kazimir Malevich and the West

As a touring show opens at Tate Modern, is a rounded picture finally emerging?

More questions than answers after ‘miraculous’ Russian avant-garde show

Specialists express concern about lack of provenance for works by artists including Rodchenko and Goncharova in Italian exhibition

Campaign to build Malevich centre by artist’s grave

An avant-garde enthusiast and an investment banker have joined forces to save the site from commercial development

"Painting the Absolute": Four volumes on Kazimir Malevich, the pioneering painter-priest of abstraction

Andréi Nakov, a leading expert on Malevich, has produced a large-scale study of the Russian avant-garde's art and life

Books: Confiscated Malevich material to be revealed as his autobiography finally comes to light

First ever complete edition of avant-garde artist’s writings appearing in five volumes


George Costakis' dramatic tale of collecting the Avant-Garde in the Soviet Union: His own words

Some of his most prized works are now on show in the New York Guggenheim exhibition “The Great Utopia: the Russian and Soviet Avant-garde 1915-32”

Touring Russian Avant-garde Exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle goes on amid disunity amongst curators and the inclusion of possible forgeries

The show will proceed to to the Guggenheim despite confusion arising from a lack of transparent communication between Russian and US committee members