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Giving Los Angeles back its lungs: PST Art exhibitions will uncover the links between art, water and ecology

California’s water crisis is the backdrop to several hard-hitting shows, which will open across the state in September

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PST Artpreview

Aiming for the stars: PST Art exhibitions will show what happens when scientists and artists mix

In the highly speculative and experimental fields of rocket science and astrophysics that ushered in the space age, artists and scientists ended up inspiring each other

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Colour visions: PST Art shows how technology and art have shaped cinema

Several of the exhibitions in PST Art in Los Angeles this September will tell the history of the film industry while also looking to the future

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'The biggest arts project in the US': PST Art to bring dozens of exhibitions to Los Angeles and Southern California this September

The third PST Art, presented by the Getty, will be focused on the connections between art and science

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Artists’ depictions of climate data can cut through politicisation of science, study finds

A study conducted recently in the US suggests artistic depictions of environmental data can help counter climate scepticism

Getty reveals $17m in funding and 50-plus exhibitions for 2024 edition of Pacific Standard Time

The science-themed initiative will span museums and organisations big and small throughout Southern California

Audubon Society chapter drops John James Audubon’s name due to the artist’s racist actions and beliefs

The Seattle chapter of the environmental organisation is the first to do away with Audubon’s name entirely amid a nationwide reckoning with his legacy

A network of artist-devised weather stations gathers climate change data across 28 countries

The World Weather Network, though variable in its scientific rigour, aims to bring “different weather worlds” into dialogue, as one organiser put it


New Getty publication on anatomical illustration explores the convergence of art and science

Anatomy has long intersected with art, and artists have been central to creating a market for such intricate works


Coming out of one’s shell: new book explores overlooked mollusc art by naturalist's daughters

Martin Lister enlisted his daughters Susanna and Anna because of the unreliability of the best professional engravers


William Hunter and the enlightened art of science

A new publication brings together the Scottish surgeon's art collection for the first time in many years

Lift-off for the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing

New exhibition in Zurich exploring artistic engagement with the Moon will be joined by more lunar-themed shows launching around the world

Storm King to stage major survey of Mark Dion’s environmental installations

The 500-acre sculpture park and museum in upstate New York is a fitting venue for the artist’s ecologically minded work

Art meets science in new gallery at King’s College London

Free venue joins a growing global network of Science Gallery spaces


Otto Marseus van Schrieck: introducing the inventor of the 'forest-floor' still-life

This splendid book uncovers the Dutch painter who brought the lowliest creatures of the forest ecosystem to life

Trevor Paglen lets you view the world as the machines see it

Ahead of his retrospective at Washington, DC's Smithsonian American Art Museum, the artist discusses his interest in the social and political implications of technologies, including mass surveillance systems and artificial intelligence

Artists deliver climate-change message that time is running out

They are increasingly sounding the alarm on global warming, through new works and collaborations with scientists

Artists show their power to effect change

In the visual arts, a greater sense of activism is possible, and it’s being helped by the absorption of a broader range of disciplines and media into the canon

Spot the horse: imaging technology reveals hidden secrets of Dutch Golden Age paintings

New algorithm, developed by scientists at the National Gallery of Art, precisely aligns layered images to reveal compositional differences

Make art but can’t travel? Yorkshire museum asks artists to email their tech-based works instead

The project was inspired by the experience of working with artists who struggle to obtain visas and those who are too fearful to even apply

Wellbeing at the heart of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts extension

As well as housing Old Masters, the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace also focuses on art therapy

What happens when a colourblind artist can finally see the full spectrum?

Daniel Arsham has expanded his palette thanks to high-tech “sunglasses” and is showing richly hued works for the first time at New York’s Perrotin gallery

New light shed on craftsmen who captured sea life in glass

Corning Museum restores fragile models by father and son glassblowers Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka

Student sculptors revive the faces of cold-case victims

Forensic busts based on 3D printed skulls have led to at least one positive DNA identification

Where science and art collide

Liverpool’s Fact partners with Geneva’s Cern on an artist residency, while the artist Ryoichi Kurokawa collaborates with the astrophysicist Vincent Minier to depict the birth of stars