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Four ex-staffers say Nino Mier Gallery underpaid multiple artists and pocketed the difference

A series of documents from 2018-19, seen by The Art Newspaper, shows that five artists on the dealer’s roster were shortchanged by as much as 54% on some sales

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How will US money laundering crackdown actually impact the art market? A lawyer explains

Congress is increasing its regulation of antiquities trade and while its powers are limited for now, change will come so the art industry must prepare

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Decorative arts sales shift to Chicago

New York vies with London for nineteenth- and twentieth-century decorative arts sales, but Chicago is coming on quickly


Who’s buying? Art collectors in LA

Many have private museums, serve as trustees and lend to public museums

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EU tax and regulation changes and more sales could allow the European art market to retain top spot over China

Yet the EU's share of the market is steadily declining and the US may already have lost its lead

Art Basel Miami Beach banks on the tried and tested

Established artists first to sell as collectors take their time over emerging talents

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Low prices promoted contemporary art at Arte Americas

Latin American collectors moved outside traditional comfort zones

Art Basel Miami Beach '07 fair report: Edition is strongest yet, despite financial turmoil

Most of the buyers were American private collectors and large-scale installation works were popular

Diary of a New York dealer: Carlton Rochell

Contemporary art collectors are coming to Southeast Asian art. Hollywood’s fascination with Buddhism is also a trigger

A market for baskets: Interview with New York dealer Sebastian Izzard

The difference between Japanese and European taste in the field of Japanese art


Antique textiles: A boom from the loom as museum buying and new collectors hike prices

As other items become inaccessible to some collectors, many in the middle market have turned to textiles

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Rembrandt’s Venetian influence: Hanging around New York, a monthly guide by Brook S. Mason.

And bounty of decorative arts including Chinese porcelain and Mendini furniture

Hanging around New York: Collector-patrons for Knoedler’s 159-year history

Picasso for the blind at Wildenstein and a bevy of Latin American paintings exhibitions

Diary of a dealer: the American Modernism dealer, Hollis Taggart

Rising prices and increasing prestige for certain artists as collectors awake to Modernism’s sleepers

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A river runs through it: Hanging around in New York, a monthly guide by Brook S. Mason.

Impressionist painters on the Seine at Wildenstein, the Gilded Age glows at Vance Jordan, exoticism at Mark Murray plus fine furniture and Picasso’s lino cuts

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Twentieth-century design sales in the US... Tiffany glass continues to climb

Twentieth-century decorative arts sales confirm prize prices for iconic furnishinings

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Craft swings into high gear at SOFA, New York.

Contemporary decorative arts from $68,000 fibre arts to $100,000 glass sculpture

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Facture attracts: Sculpture, objects and functional art, Miami, 6 to 9 March.

Third biannual of strongly supported contemporary decorative arts

March 1991archive

A guide to bad times: why the market downturn is good news for true collectors

We observed that while the market was feeling fragile during the 1991 slump, fortunes have a way of turning around